Change Starts Now

When Lauren Felder finds her way to success, what happens when one boy changes her life and it makes her loose everything


1. Four Yes's (Lauren P.O.V)

    Chapter One

       "Stop freaking out! You're making me freak out!" I laugh at my mom who is sweating like my aunt in the summer. "I'm just so proud, I remember when you were a little girl, you wouldn't let go of that tiny microphone" she said laughing and crying. "Awe, mom! Please stop crying" I said starting to cry. "Next," A woman said to me, "Lauren Felder, and 17" I said to the woman proudly. "Here is your ticket, show them what you got girl" she said making me and my mother laugh. I walked backstage and saw all the competition. "I'm never going to get in!" I said crying to my mom, "don't worry babe, you are going to get in!" she said to me reassuring me. "Is Lauren Felder backstage?" a backstage member asked me. "I'm right here!" I said walking to her and giving my mom a big hug and a kiss on the cheek, she handed me a microphone and said to wait until she said go. "The judges are ready for you" I walked on stage in my flower dress and my long way blonde hair in a fish tail, which brought out my blue eyes. "Hello" Simon said in that British accent, "Hello" I said quietly, everyone started laughing. "Hello, what are you going to sing for us?" L.A said to me. "Drunk by Ed Sheeran" I said in my Australian accent. "Okay go a-", Britney started but Demi cut her off. "Wait a minute! I couldn't help but hear your Australian accent" she said staring at me, "how did you get here?" she asked me. "I took two planes from there to here and a five hour car drive" I said laughing. "Oh wow, begin" Demi said astonished. The music started playing and I put myself in a relaxation mood where I was with my father, in heaven.

I wanna be drunk when I wake up
On the right side of the wrong bed
And every excuse I made up
Tell you the truth I hate
What didn't kill me
It never made me stronger at all.
Love will scar your make-up lip sticks to me
So now I'll maybe leave back there
I'm sat here wishing I was sober
I know I'll never hold you like I used to.

But our house gets cold when you cut the heating
Without you to hold I'll be freezing
Can't rely on my heart to beat it
'Cause you take part of it every evening
Take words out of my mouth just from breathing
Replace with phrases like when you're leaving me.

Should I, should I?
Maybe I'll get drunk again
I'll be drunk again
I'll be drunk again
To feel a little love
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I wanna hold your heart in both hands
I'll watch it fizzle at the bottom of a Coke can
And I've got no plans for the weekend
So shall we speak then
Keep it between friends
Though I know you'll never love me like you used to.

There maybe other people like us
You see the flicker of the clip when they light up
Flames just create us, burns don't heal like before
You don't hold me anymore.

On cold days Coldplay's out like the band's the name
I know I can't heal things with a hand shake
You know I can't change as I began saying
You cut me wide open like landscape
Open bottles of beer but never champagne
We'll applaud you with the sound that my hands make.

Should I, should I?
Maybe I'll get drunk again
I'll be drunk again
I'll be drunk again
To feel a little love.

All by myself
I'm here again
All by myself
You know I'll never change
All by myself
All by myself
I'm just drunk again
I'll be drunk again
I'll be drunk again
To feel a little love

   I finished off and the car roared with applaud and screaming and I got a standing ovation, I felt tears going down when I finished because I wanted to stay with my father forever, up there. I pointed to the sky and kissed my father a kiss. "I really just want to give you the 5 million right now" she said laughing. "That was very soulful, I hope you don't mind, what were you thinking about?" Simon asked me. "Well, my father died when I was 5 due to a bullet in his heart, from then on whenever I sing, I pretend I'm with my father in heaven" I said in tears. Demi comes on stage and hugs me. "Time to vote!" Demi sighs when she gets back off the stage. "Simon?" Britney asked, "are you crazy?" he asked, I started tearing up, "why would I NOT let her in?" he said winking at me. "One big fat super yes!" he said giving me a air high five. "Bigger yes than Simon's" Demi said, I started laughing. "Yes" Britney said smiling, "Well," L.A started, "You have 4 yes's!" he said making me jump in the air and staring above and giving my dad air kisses. "Thank you, thank you so much!" I said between cries, running to my mom giving her a big hug. "Your dad would be so proud" she said crying and hugging me.


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