Sophie is a 14 year old that is killed by a vampire dying for thirst. she then turns into a vampire and finds the cullens. her life is turned around but she eventually turns against them andgoes of crating a bunch of newborns for her gang. what will her thousands of years bring her...


1. tranformation

I don't know where I am, why I am here isn't in my thoughts either but at the moment I am in the worst place imaginable. It's all dark and there is nothing to see except the faint light of the street lamps and whats underneath it. All I hear is the occasional sound of footsteps walking by which scares the life out of me. My name is Sophie and I am 14 years old, I went to my friends party amd I cant find my way home.

"Oi! You!" A voice shouted from the other side of the alley way. I didn't answer but I ran, not knowing where I am going but I ran as fast as could. The footsteps where getting faster and faster, their heavy feet slapping against the ground every step. Every second the footsteps where getting closer and closer, louder and louder, like they had super speed. My feet are getting tired, their steps getting faster and faster and mine getting slower and slower; there is no way I can win this, I have to give in. the figure comes into seeing distance, muscular and tall with a look of evil and thirst, the complete opposite of me. He walked closerto me, closer and closer, untill I feel him breathe on my neck.

"What do you want with me?" I wispered.

"You, your blood, your life." He smiled as he walked around me in circles.

"What do you mean?" I asked sobbing quietly going light headed.

"Have you ever heard stories about cold blooded, strong, fast and pale 'monsters'?" He asked using hand gestures.

"Y-Yes..." I gulped breathing deeply and looking at the thirst in his eyes as my heart startes to beat faster.

"Well.. You've just met one... And about to be one." The Vampire said as he launched himself towards me digging his teeth into my neck as he injects his venom into my body. The pain is excruciating, terrifying and unnatral. I could feel the venom moving round my body, the burning, the fire... sitting here all I can think of is my family and what they will be experiating with me not being around, its been atleast five hours since he bit me, the pain has dulled a bit just tingling in the finger and the worst feeling is in the stomache where the burning sensation is twice as bad as it was before, it's too much. I slip into blackness.

I come round to sunrise, it's beautiful yet the pain isn't helping me stay positive. I can see the 'monster' sitting next to me, smiling as I'm crumbled in a ball of pain. He just sits there staring at me like I'm a circus clown puting on a show for him, it's sick. At one point he started to talk to me about his previous life as a human and how boring it was which bored me to death... which is quite impossible at this stage... I wish I could kill him and make him suffer, what he is putting me through right now will make us equal. I lay here withering in pain and he leaves me. I scream for help but no onw comes for their support. I'm alone as I slip into the darkness...

I open my eyes to a bright light It's only the sun, but it's never been this bright. I'm not in the place where he left me, I was in pain but I can recognise where I was. I'm lying on a heap of rubbish, it's smelly and disgusting. The smell of the air is clearer and more open. Every smell withing a mile of me I can smell, it's strange. The only thing right now that is bothering me is this unnatral burning at the back of my throat, it's like the fire I had in my stomache earlier, it's like I need a drink reslly badly but I don't think it will help, water is too calm and plain. I need something more sweeter and jucier... Blood.

I don't know how to hunt down a human like the 'monster' (lets call him jack) did, I don't want to expose what I am or make a scene. I walk back over to the stinky trash bags and duck under them untill my prey comes into view and I will drain them of their pure blood. I know I'm a vampire and all but I don't like the idea of myself killing a person who I was like yesterday, it just doesn't seem rightbut if its how I have to survive, I'm going to have to deal with it.

I look to my left as I hear footsteps down the road heading my way, She comes into view, the smell is over powering. It crates a frenzey. My throat burns to the smell of her blood and the sound of their heart beat ratteling round my head, I cant help it. I pounce, jumping on her and nocking her down like aton of bricks. Her blood is so pure, amazing and sweet, the best thing I've ever tasted. The sensation lasts for about three minuets untill there is not a sincle drop of blood left in her system. I drag her into the sewers where no one will find her and she will be kept secret for at least ten years... I hope. I feel bad for Her friends and family, what they will go through from loosing their daughter but oh well, if I left if for any longer I would have killed the whole town.


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