Its just life( with one direction)

Ellie is 18, she has always dreamed of being a singer. All she ever does is sing. Soon her dads company move location for a year and there is only one family member allowed to come? Will she stay at home?Will she go somewhere else? And who will she meet along the way?And what lies in store with only on direction to go?
'A/N' Hi my name is Laila, this is my 4th movella and well i hope you enjoy it:)xx

1. Meet me

Hi let me introduce myself, my name is Ellie Kondratawhich pronounced kon drat a witch. I have dirty blonde hair and greyey blueish eyes. I guess my height is okay I am 5ft 6 and I am 18. My favourite colour is purple and my best friends are Lauren Miles and Lucy Hodges. Oh and yes
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