You know you see stories about kidnapps on the news. Madaline Mcann? April Jones? Then you see all the facebook status' about it.

"Horrible people" "deserve to die" ...

Well, what if the kidnappers weren't horrible. What if you fell in love with your kidnapper?

**also, you'll find that this movella is similar to my chapter 'Ryan, Smiles and Blue Eyes' in my other movella 'Meant to Be'. That's cause that chapter inspired me to make this movella. ok><..**


1. Love Hurts.

"GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!!" I screamed, shoving Daniel, my boyfriend, out the door.

"Em, please, let's talk about this?" He sounded calm, yet confused and worried.

"No fucking way!" I spat. He looked hurt but I didn't care. I slammed the door shut and threw myself onto my sofa. I saw Daniel's phone. Eurgh, his phone. His phone caused this whole thing! There was a knock at the door.

"Em, I've left my phone.."

I got up and shoved it through the post box in the door. I hope it breaks.


I can't believe I saw those texts on his phone. He'd gone to the toilet. All I did was hear his phone go off, I checked  it, little did I know that I was about to see a load of messages on there. I scrolled through them,

Ashley; I had fun last night;)xx 7:01pm

Ashley; hey babe <33 7:03pm

Ashley; Make sure your girlfriend Emily doesn't find out! Love You;-)xo 7:05pm.

I didn't have time to think, I threw his phone at him and shoved him away. I can't believe this.

After 8 months he goes and cheats on me! Really?! I have actually lost all hope in Love.

Love Hurts.


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