30 Day Flash Fiction Challenge - Langage Des Fleurs (The Language of Flowers)

I have, over the years developed almost a reputation for being an awfully erratic writer, a truth that runs deeper with each passing day. So, in an attempt to encourage some consistency to my writing habits, I've developed a little challenge for myself. This challenge will understandably not get completed over consecutive days due to my aforementioned erratic behaviour, and most likely be carried out over completely random days. Maybe I'll update tomorrow, maybe I'll never update again. One thing, however, that will remain consistent is the format. For each of the days (I don't yet know how many) I will write a 250 word (or so) flash fiction, entitled with the name of a flower and relevant to the flower's meaning. Wish me luck, I will surely need it.

The main reason for these "drabbles" is not to improve as a writer but simply get writing again, but do provide constructive criticism if you feel like it :P

And why French? Because it’s the language of love my darlings. xoxo

The author has rated this movella as yellow, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 13.
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