Why are you too blind to see?

A poem about someone with depression


1. Why are you too blind to see?

No one understands.

What I go through each day.

They look a me and smile.

They don’t know what to say.


No one understands.

Why I hurt so much inside.

Why I don’t believe in myself.

Why I have no pride.


No one understands .

Why I drag on this pain.

Why I hide so much hurt.

Why I’m going insane.


No one understands.

Why I say life moves on.

Why I hate myself so much.

Why my best friend is gone.


No one understands.

Why no one comes along.

Why I want to be alone.

Why I don’t have the strength to carry on.


No one understands.

Why this is all meant to be.

Why I have no one.

Why you are too blind see?

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