I Kissed The Boy With The Irish Accent

Ellie Carlisle is a very lucky brit. She kissed Niall Horan. All she ever wanted was to see him again, but his busy life as a superstar prevents him from getting in contact.. But what happens when one of the boys has her number..?



1. How It Happened

Niall Horan, that name has been bouncing in my head for months. I can't get those Irish lips out of my head, or off my lips. His lips tasted like spicy chicken.. Someone recently ate Nando's that day. I tell my friends, they don't believe me. Why in god's name would I lie about kissing Niall? They are so indenial. I can promise you, I kissed him! Ask anyone at that goddamn signing, hell, ask them themselves!? Here's how that amazing day happened:


--6 Months Earlier--

I stood in a line that seemed like it stretched on forever. My ears were blinded by all the screeching going on in that goddamn mall. I was alone, and quiet. I lived close in Wolverhampton, so it wasn't a hassel at all. I talked to a couple fans, sharing our favorites. "I love Zayn Malik, he's too perfect!" one fan said, "Liam is a puppy! I LOVE puppies! So that's why I want to be Mrs.Liam Payne!" a fan said, making me giggle. "I love Harry.." I tell a fan. "Louis is my bitch. I love that boy." a fan says. I smile. I finally get to them, feeling my stomach burst out in butterflies. My palms turned sweaty.

"Ello love!" Liam smiles, taking my CD. "Hi.." I awkwardly say. "Are you nervous?" He laughs. "Of course, I'm meeting the people who changed my life!" I retorted. "We don't bite, babe." he smiles, giving me my CD back. "Thank you Li-Li." I sang out. He smiled and looked at the next fan. "Hellooo!" Louis rejoiced, making me smile. "Hi BooBear." I sing. "Haha, what's your name love?" he brightly smiles. "I'm Ellie." I smile, as he looks down at the CD, smiling. "Great. I'll talk to you later.." he smiles. I look down. "Louis!" I laugh, he'd given me his number. He smiles again, looking up at the next fan.

"Hey girl." Zayn smirks. "Vas happening?" I joke. He smiles, handing me the CD. "Good job with Louis." he winks. I laugh, moving down to Niall. "Hi Niall!" I smile. "Hey beauty!" he cheekily says. "Stop your making me blush."  "I just want to tell you, you look like how I imagined my princess." He flirts, signing my CD. "Oh please." I giggled. He hands me his CD, about to say something. "I don't do this to many fans.." he starts. "What do you--" Niall crashed his lips against mine, suprising me. "Woah.." I smile, as the guard tells me to move along. Niall smiles at me as I move in front of Harry. "Damn, nice going." Harry laughs. "Haha, that's why I love you Harry." I laugh. But still blushing from tasting the Nando's on Niall's lips. "Oh, well, you've made a lasting impression on Niall for sure." hands me my CD, his hands touching mine. "Bye, I wave to Niall and Harry. I walk out of the door, screaming at the top of my lungs, and after I finish, I touch my lips. Still wet from Niall's spit. I start to yell again, then my sister pulls up. I run to the car, whipping open the door. "Have a good time?" she asks. "NIALL HORAN KISSED ME, MARY!" I shout inside the car. "No he didn't." she denies. I look at her, with the evilest eyes I've ever pulled. "YES. HE DID. DO YOU NOT SEE HOW HAPPY I AM RIGHT NOW. I CAN'T STOP SCREAMING." I cry out. "Okay, I believe you, stop screaming in my ear!" she scolds me.


That's how, I kissed the boy with the Irish accent, Niall Horan.

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