18 year old yasmin anstice has a normal life in Hackney, London
untill her dreams come true and she meets NIALL HORAN from
ONE DIRECTION.But what will happen when she gets kidnapped
by her old boyfriend, DANIEL.Will the boys save her in time????

by the way this is written in honour of my BFF Yasmin Anstice:):):)


1. I'm sorry

Yasmin's P.O.V

"I'm sory daniel, its not working"I whispered.And with that he stormed out of the room,

thumped into the kitchen and slammed the front door shut as he walked down the gravel

path.I walked up to my bederoom and fell asleep listening to One thing by one direction.

I woke up,I looked at my iphone 4 it was 5 in the morning great.I tried to fall asleep again

but I couldnt so I decided to go and see if nandos was open.It sure was.I walked up to the 

counter.The waitress smiled cheerfully and said"what would you like to order". I said sleepily

"umm id like beef burger with lettuce and tomato and a large hot chocolate with whipped

cream and mini marshmellows thankyou"." Umm im sorry but we have run out of both things"

she said"but we do have fish and chips"she must have seen the dissapointed look in my eyes,

damn.I said " thats ok"Then I started walking down to the door.On the way I accidently

bumped into a blond haired boy with a purple jack wills jumper on."I I'm so sorry I didnt

mean to I I "he trailed off"its ok" I said" dont worry.But then I saw my dress oh no.The boy

said "Oh do you want me to clean you up"I blushed, literally."oh no" I said "its fine,  really

"Well at least let me buy you some food "He said.Then suddenly another boy appeared.He had

brown curly hair, green eyes and a checkered t-shirt.I'd sen him somewhere before I swear but

but where?


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