Love Me

Just a short story about a girl name Stacey and a boy (you all heard of him) Liam Payne


1. New Home


     I wasn't happy. I really didn't want to leave Australia and all my friends. Why were my parents doing this to me. "Seriously Stacey, why don't you think about how other people are feeling," my brother William said pushing me. "Shut up you little twat," I snapped. "Stacey, don't say that to your brother. He's only 12 for goodness sakes," Mum said. I have had enough. I wanted to go back home. Yeah, it was great coming back to the country I was born in and lived in for 9 years, but we weren't even going to move back were we came from. I would know nobody and I would have to start at a new school in year 12, seriously, who does that. I was facing out the window of the car with my head leaning on my hand. I could feel my eyes slowly open and close. "Stacey. Wake up. We're at the airport now. STACEY!" I jumped up and saw my brother leaning over me. "Get off me," I nudged him. I really wasn't in the mood for messing around. I got out the car and slumped to the boot pulling out my suitcase with the least amount of effort. "Stacey, come on, carry it properly," my Dad pleaded. Atleast my dad was nice to me. I nooded and pulled it up straight to eject to handle. We went into the airport and we put our luggage on the conveyor belt to be put onto the aircraft. As we took our seat to wait for the plane, William ran into me. "WILLIAM!" I yelled and everyone turned to look at me. My whole face went bright red and I slowly sat down and covered myself with my jacket. "Plane 201 to England is boarding now," a voice on the speakers said. "That's us. Lets go," Mum said. We showed the lady our tickets and boarded the plane. I walked onto the plane and slumped down in my seat. Thankfully Dad was sitting next to me, and Mum and William were infront. By the time the plane got in the air and we could take our seatbelts off, William popped his head over the chairs and started to get really annoying. "So, why is it that mum and dad both have blonde hair, and you end up with brown?" he asked. His voice was really getting to me now. "I don't know William," I moaned. "Well, you should. You think you're smart?" she chuckled. "asshole," I mumbled under my breath. "hey," Dad laughed, "I heard that." He was laughing? Why was he in such a happy mood? Well I didn't want to ruin that for him so I laughed back. "You know Stacey, I really think you will like where we will be living," he smiled. "Oh yeah? Why do you think that?" I teased him. "Because I know that you like to have your own space, just like you mother," he laughed, "and in your new room, there is a little balcony all to yourself." "Really?" I said, amazed at the word 'Balcony'. He nodded. He knew how much I loved balconys. I don't know why, but I just really enjoy sitting out on a balcony. As the flight grew longer, I got more tired and finally dozed off.

    "WAKE UP!" I jumped in fright. "William," I rubbed my eyes furiously. "We have to get off now," he smiled. Gosh that little turd really loves to annoy me. I crawled out of my chair and slowly made my way to the exit of the plane. "Have a nice day," the flight addendant spoke. I smiled and walked off. Day? Had it really been that long. When I fell asleep it was about 4:00pm and now it was 12:00 the next day. I was sleeping for ages. I sorted my hair as I walked of the plane and grabbed my suitcase. "Okay, lets get going to our new house," Dad cheered. I giggled at my Dads excitment. As we pulled up to a very modern looking 3 level building I smiled. "This is our house?" I asked. "Yep. You like?" Dad replied. "NO! I don't like it...I LOVE IT!" I smiled. "I knew you would," he chuckled. As Mum leaded me to my room she started to put away my clothes. This room was amazing, especially because it had already been decorated for me. I hated to decorate rooms. It has purple walls all around. I had a big king size bed and a double walk in wardrobe and I had my own bathroom. "YES! MY OWN BATHROOM!"I cheered. I turned and looked at my bed and above it on the wall was big silver letters reading S.T.A.C.E.Y. Pictures that I had sent here before we moved were hung on my wall and on my wardrobe door was a full length mirror. "Thank you so much for making us move," I laughed and turned to mum. She smiled at me and continued to put my clothes away. "Mum? I'm sorry for being so rude when we were on our way here. I just really wanted to stay with my friends, but if it makes you and Dad happy, well then I'm happy," I said to her. She walked over to me and gave me a huge hug. "I hope you find good friends here. I really didn't want to do this to you, but it's for the best," she said, "and anyway, you can meet new friends tomorrow when you go to school." "School? Tomorrow?" my jaw dropped. "Yes. It's the start of a new school year here and your in year 12. You can't miss out on anything," she answered. I nodded and we continued with my clothes. We were silent for a while, but it was okay, until I thought. "Do we need to wear a uniform?" I asked Mum. "Oh, thanks for reminding me," she said running out. About 5 minutes later she ran in with the uniform. "Here you go," she smiled. "Thanks," I said looking at the uniform with a weird look. "Try it on then," she informed. I nodded and walked into the bathroom. As I slipt on the clothes, they actually looked nice on. I walked out and showed my Mum. "You look apsolutely smart," she giggled. "Really?" I asked. "Ofcourse darling," she answered. I really liked the skirt, it was blue and white checkered with a logo on it.       At 7:00pm we joined at the table for dinner. We were having a roast. "So, you both excited for school?" Dad asked. "Yes," william exclaimed. "Well, to be honest, I'm more nervous then excited," I smiled. "You will do great," Mum smiled. I nodded and continued with dinner. When we finished I thought I might go to bed seeing as I would be getting up at 6:30am for school. "NIGHT MUM! NIGHT DAD!" I shouted down the three flights of stairs. "GOOD NIGHT!" I heard them both chime. I walked into my room and got my pyjamas on. I looked around and saw a door I didn't see before. 'The balcony?' I thought. I walked over and there it was, a beautiful scene of the ocean and the dark blue sky. "WOW" I gasped. The view was the most beautiful I had ever seen. I walked out and stood at the black metal railing. I looked down to the beach and saw a man walking his dog. He looked so happy. That's how I was feeling right now. I walked back in, because it was getting a bit chilly. I closed and locked the balcony doors, covered them with the curtains and went to lay in bed. As I led there, I couldn't help but feel nervous for tomorrow. I closed my eyes and drifted off into a deep sleep.  

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