The Story

My poem was inspired by my love and passion for stories so here I attempted to capture that magic. I also tried to intertwine some of the Olympic themes hence "Inspire a generation" etc

This is my entry for the legacy competition. I hope you enjoy it! Please like/comment :) thankyou!


1. The Story



Before paper and pen, there were simply words,

Painted in the sky, coloured with earth

Ubiquitous and ever-moving; they grew.

Forming tales of honour, courage and truth.


Passed from one generation to another

From brother, sister, father to mother.

Stories capturing hope and wonder

 Filled with heartache, toil and plunder


Around a warm fire, fables were told

Teaching, preaching the morals of old

Imagination ignited passion and dreams

A legacy was born with incredible means.


These fairytales sparked a magic within;

A delight for stories, myths and whims.

The children listened, with eyes open wide

As the hero prevailed and the villain defied.


 The words joined and started to link

Scrawled upon parchment with stains of ink.

Letter covered rectangles bound with might

To enlighten the people, show them the light.


From the blood of the pen, literature spread

All were enchanted as they read.

For every novel has its crafter

Provoking tears, gasps and laughter.


 This printed magic inspired a generation

Reaching the corners of every nation

For in each of us there is a part

Where a story lies, within our heart.


The universe is formed of stories not atoms

Our lives are a race passing on this baton.

Invisible threads bind us together

We are a choir of voices singing forever.


Dream through your words, write hard and fast

Tame your thoughts, make them last.

For when the world is wasting away

A story is blossoming for another day. 

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