The One (One Shot)

This isn't a story, it was one of my dreams that I had of Niall, and I wanted to post it on here xx


1. The Dream

I was in Mullingar, Ireland for a Vacation. I decided to walk down the road from my relatives home because there was nothing to do. As I walked, I overheard girls yelling.

"Niall!! Come out of the house!! We're all waiting for you!" One girl said. Then it hit me, that's right, Niall was back home from the Up All Night tour.  I didn't like how the girls were surrounding his house, waiting for him. They should respect his privacy and let him spend some time with his family. It was rude. I walked towards them and stood in front of the group.

"Hey, I know you guys love Niall and want to see him, but he just came back form tour. Don't you think its too soon? He wants to spend some time with his family and you guys are just here hovering over his house. You guys should have some respect and go home." I said in a serious tone, but in the nicest way possible. They laughed at me, and didn't budge. "Are you serious? Niall wants his privacy, so you guys should just back the f*** off and go home." I said, madly. They gave me a serious look, one of the girls didn't like what I said, before I knew it, she punched me in the face causing me to fall on the ground. Then, more girls started to kick me in the stomach. 

"Are you going to lecture us some more now? haha"Another girl said as she kicked me some more. I turned my body towards Niall's house. I could feel my face getting swollen, as I spat out blood. My ribs felt like there were a thousand knives jabbing into it. I looked at one of the windows and I saw Maura. She looked devastated. She disappeared from the window and the door opened. All the girls stopped what they were doing and stared at Maura coming towards me. She knelt down and helped me up, putting my hand around her neck. She stopped and looked at the girls, who had guilty faces.

"You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. I'm very disgusted that you would do such a thing." She yelled. Then, she turned towards the house and brought me inside. I was in so much pain. She laid me down on the couch and ran to the kitchen. My eye sight was getting blurry. She came back with a wet cloth and started to wipe the blood on my face off. "It's going to be alright love." She whispered to me as I fell unconscious.

**Hours later

I woke up, and it was night time. The house was dark, except for the T.V. Someone was here watching T.V. My body was still aching, every time I moved, my ribs killed in pain. I managed to tilt my head up to see who was there. My eyes widened as I saw Niall sitting there watching T.V. Then, he looked at me and noticed I was finally awake. 

"You're up. How are you feeling?" He whispered as he got up, moved to the couch I was laying on and helped me up.

"I'm alright...could be better of course." I replied, trying to keep the pain in. He looked at me and gave me a small grin.

"You must be thirsty, I'll get you some water." He said, as he got up and went into the kitchen. I couldn't believe this was happening. Few minutes later, Niall came towards me with a glass of water. He held it to my mouth and I drank most of it. I was parched.

"Thank you." I whispered softly. He smiled at me and put the glass down on the table. 

"No problem. What's your name?" He asked me, curious. I looked at him, and his blue eyes were staring at me.

"It's Cindy." I replied with. As he moved to shake my hand, he accidently elbowed my ribs, causing me to let out a small "Ow" 

"Oh, i'm so sorry, I didn't mean-" 

"It's alright." I said as I lifted up my shirt to see how big the bruise was. It was massive. I tried to pull my shirt back down, but then Niall grabbed my hand. I looked at him in shock, he looked at me like he was asking for permission to see the bruise. I took a deep breath and nodded. He looked down and slowly lifted up my shirt to see the bruise. His eyes widened as he saw it. He put his cold hands on it making me jump, but it was soothing. 

"I'm so sorry they did this to you. It is ridiculous." He whispered to me. I looked at him as he looked down at the ground, shaking his head in disappointment.

"It's alright, you don't have to apologize." I replied. As much as I wanted to stay, I knew I had to go.

"It's getting late, and my mom must be worried about me." I said, as I tried to get up. I got up to fast and fell back down holding my ribs. Niall put one arm around my waist and grabbed on of my arms and helped me up slowly. I smiled at him. He grabbed my bag, put it on his shoulder, and walked me to the door. 

"Are you sure you're okay?" He asked, worryingly. 

"Don't worry about me, I'll live." I replied, giving him a wink. As I was about to open the door, I heard the girls singing. I turned to Niall, "Do they ever leave?" I asked. He laughed.

"Some, but then some of them stay over night. It's crazy." He said. 

"You know what? I think we should give them a revenge for what they did to me." I said, smirking. 

"Haha, like what?" He wondered. I didn't know what we would do but then it hit me.

"Walk me out the door, and then kiss me." I said, hoping that he would agree. He thought about it and looked at me with a approving smile. I opened the door and I slowly walked out side, all the girls were silent. Then, Niall softly grabbed my waist and pulled me closer, not too hard because he knew how much pain I was in. He brushed my cheek while his clear blue eyes looked deeply into mine. He was beautiful. A small grin came across his face as he got closer and softly pressed his lips to mine. A strong spark jolted through my body and I knew he could feel it too. The girls were screaming in shock and started to take pictures, but I ignored them. We both pulled back and looked at each other. He stared at me in surprise, though I had to go. I grabbed my bag and smiled at him as I walked out of the house. Niall then grabbed my hand and pulled me back in and closed the door behind him.

"'re the one. You're the one I've been waiting for. My princess." He said as he hugged me. I smiled and put my arms around him. Then, he gazed into my eyes and kissed me once again.  

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