The Dress

Many girls dream about their Prom, and the perfect dress. But how hard is into find the perfect one?
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1. The Poem

I can feel it now, I can feel the surge
As I run through the streets, with my dress-finding urge
My face is wind-bitten, my hair is a mess
But nothing will matter, when I find my Prom Dress

Into the first store, but nothing's for me
Too big, too small, none hold the key
To Prom Dress Paradise, my desired place
With dresses everywhere, silk, satin and lace!

Store Number 2 now, onwards I go
Onwards and upwards, my favourite motto!
Dresses in here though, are all beige and plain
If I don't find my dress soon, I will go insane!

Dress shop 7, and my shoulders are sagging
My head is sore, my feet are lagging
None in here suit me, none at all
What will I wear to my end-of-school ball?

I'm feeling hopeless, I'm feeling depressed
15 stores down, and I don't have a dress!
At the end of the road theres a charity shop
I'll have a quick look, before I drop...

Walking in I feel something, I'm not sure what
All excited and tingly, my cheeks are all hot
Next to a jumper, it's right at the back
I can see the Dress, on the end of a rack

It's made out of flowing silk - deep indigo blue
Just like a cloudless night, an identical hue
It's long and graceful, without any straps
A necklace would go nicely - diamonds perhaps?

Oh yes,
I've found my dress.
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