Live While We're Young (Sequel to My Life With One Direction)

The sequel to My Life With One Direction. xox ~Elise


1. Waking Up.


The last thing I remember was falling and closing my eyes to Harry's worried face. I was woken up, but my eyes we're still shut. I heard people talking. "When will she wake up?" I hear a worried woman's voice. I'm guessing my mothers. "Soon, she can't be in a coma, she might've been traumatized and fainted." I hear a mans voice. What made me faint? I don't remember anything. Just that one thing. Why is my mother so worried.. I won't understand. I finally open my eyes, and see needles in my arms. I instinctly reach over and try to pull them out, put my mother stops me. "No, no, it's okay, leave it be honey." She says with her soft voice. I hear a lot of beeping that is irritating my head. "What happened?" My mother asks pulling her eyebrows together. I can't speak but I shrug my shoulders. "Briella, you need to speak." She asks coming closer. I open my mouth but no words come out. "Briella.." She says. "Harry." Is all the comes out. "What do you mean Harry?" She asks. "I don't remember anything but Harry." I say in a full sentence. "Can you try?" She asks. Is she stupid? I can't remember a thing! But then, I remember. Avery. "Avery." I say. "What do you mean?" her face comes closer to me. "Avery visited." I say. "What.." She confusedly asks. When I give up on explaining to her, I lean back into my bed, and 6 people come in. It was the boys and my sister. "Briella!" One of the boys come running over. He had curly hair, he was Harry. "Are you okay? Is everything better." I scan all of their faces. Everyone has worried looks on their faces. "No." I silently say. "She can't remember a thing." My mother says. "Just when she blacked out." She says. "Briella." My sister says coming closer and moving out of the boy with suspenders on. "Do you remember us?" The blonde asks. I shake my head. "Just Him." I point to Harry. I see my sister grow a frown on her face. "Well, what happened?" The boy with plaid on asks. "She said she saw her brother." My mother looks down. "What do you mean? As a ghost?" The boy with a quiff hair-do and blonde highlights asks. I nodded. "That's impossible." my sister says. I know who they are, I just can't remember their names. "Well it is." I say not looking at them but my feet. I can see their bodies in the corner of my eye. "Let's leave her, she might need time to regain her memory." Suspenders says. They leave me to myself. My left hand gets an itch, while I'm itching, I feel something hard on my ring finger. I pull my hand up, to find myself looking at a glimmering white diamond on a circular silver structure. I examine it and put my hand down. I close my eyes and try to remember all that's happened. I remembered they're names. Suspenders: Louis. My sister: Katie. Quiff: Zayn. Plaid: Liam  Blondie: Niall. My mother: Stella. Everything came flooding back. The Gianna situation, my birthday, my blackout, Harry proposing. I pull the needles out, and open the door. All their heads turn towards me. "I remember." 



(Author) Hey! I hoped you like it. :) I love how I post the sequel the day after I finish the first book. Well, I hope you like this story as much as the first. I personally like it better than the first because it was all over the place, and had this one has more details, and It's kind of on track. But this one will be like the old one. I can see it now. :) Kay! Buh-bye love you xox. ~Elise.

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