Meet my twin, Niall Horan

Millie Horan is Niall Horan's twin sister. Yes, Niall Horan from One Direction! After not seeing her brother for a few years she finally decides to go on tour with them! She is really happy to be back! There are so many memories with the boys! But some memories she wants to keep hidden... She was going to tell Niall, until he ended up finding out on his own...


1. Chapter 1

(Millie’s POV)

“NIALLY!” I yelled as I ran up to my brother. “MILLIE!” he yelled while hugging me. I haven’t seen him in about 3 years. “I’ve missed you so much little sis!” he said. “Only by three minutes!” I said smiling. “You’ve become so beautiful!” he said winking at me. We looked somewhat alike, both really light blue eyes and naturally brownish hair, but we die it blond. I looked over Niall’s shoulder to see Liam, Louis, Zayn and Harry. “Lou!” I yelled hugging Louis. “Millie!” he yelled hugging me back. “Well that was a nice long warm “I miss you” for your brother!” Said Niall smiling. I rolled my eyes and smiled. “I’ve missed you!” said Louis in a little kid voice. “You’re still adorable” I said smiling and tapping his nose playfully. He giggled.  “Hope you remember me” said Zayn smiling and putting his arms out for a hug. “How could I forget your sexiness?” I said hugging him back and laughing. I then walked to Liam. “I hope Niall has been good” I whispered and hugged him. “Thank God you’re here! He’s been out of hand!” said Liam playfully. I then looked over at Harry. He had a big smile on his face and put his arms out to hug me. I hugged him. “I missed you the most” whispered Harry in my ear. “Don’t tell Niall but I missed you the most too” I said winking at him. “I heard that!” yelled Niall from inside the tour bus. “Come on Millie! I’ll show you around!” yelled Louis. He took my hand and we ran inside. “This is the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room, the game room and our bedroom!” yelled Louis. The kitchen was tiny and could probably fit only 2-3 people. The bathroom had a huge mirror and looked bigger than the kitchen. The living room was huge! There were about 2 couches, 2 love seats, 5 lazy boy chairs and a 152” flat screen TV! I didn’t have time to look inside the game room. The bedroom had 3 sets of bunk beds and every bed had something special so the boys knew who’s was who’s I’m guessing. “Your bed is here!” said Louis. I was on the top bunk. I think Niall was at the bottom. My bed was decorated with a bunch of One Direction things. “We we’re thinking of what you liked the most and we figured it was us!” said Louis again. “It’s great!” I said hugging him. Just then, on Louis wrist I saw… the bracelet I gave him when we first met. “You still have it?” I said grabbing his wrist. “Yeah! I like it” he said smiling. “MILLIE!” yelled Niall. “Coming Niall!” I yelled taking Louis’ hand and going out of the room.

Louis’ POV

YAY! She is finally back, Millie Horan is back! “What do you want Niall?” she said walking up to Niall. She was still holding my hand. “Do you want me to get Harry to grab your bags?” he asked. “No I got them” she yelled. “She got them Harry!” Niall suddenly yelled. “Ok!” Harry yelled back. She let go of my hand and ran outside to grab her bags. I followed her. She had about 10 bags and she tried grabbing them all by herself. “Here, you need someone as muscular as me to help!” I said smiling and grabbing some of her bags “Thanks Lou” she said smiling. We walked into the bedroom. “This is your dresser by the way” I said putting her bags down in front of it. “Okay, I’m going to unpack… You don’t need to stay” she said. “I’ll leave then” I said pretending to be really sad. “If you want to stay you can!” she said suddenly. “Okay!” I said excitedly and I sat down beside her. “So? How have you been?” Millie asked. “Wonderful, but I’ve been missing someone” I said. She suddenly looked sad. “Aw, who?” she said “You silly” I said tapping her nose like she always does to me. She smiled. “I’ve missed you too Lou” she said. “What made you suddenly want to come on tour with us” I said winking at her. “Well, I missed my brother’s eating habits, Liam’s daddyness, Zayn’s sexiness, Harry’s flirtyness and your funniness!” she said smiling. “Are some of those even words?” I asked laughing. “They are now” she said smiling. I remember when I first met her, studying and hard working. She didn’t seem like Niall at all, but now I see her craziness. “Ou, what’s this?” I said winking and pulling out a pretty strapless dress. “You never know when you’re going to need to dress up” she smiled. “Oh yeah! You get to share a closet with Niall since there are only 5 and he is your brother” I said. I took her dress and hung it up in his closet. “Thanks” she said still unpacking. “I shouldn’t be much longer” she said. “Here pass me everything that needs to be hung up. I’ll hang them up so it goes faster” I said. She smiled and threw a bunch of dresses at me. “I thought Niall would be here too… He hasn’t shut up about you for the past month!” I said smiling. “We did live together for like 15 years! I think we had enough of each other” she said joking around. “Look at me! I’m Millie Horan” I said putting a nice pink dress against me. “You would look pretty sexy in a dress” she said winking at me. I was about to say “You think” but then someone called my name. “Oh! I’ll be right back Millie” I said and ran out.

Harry’s POV

I saw Louis run out of the room to go see Liam who was calling him so I saw my chance to be alone with Millie. I walked in and she looked at me and smiled. “Hey Babe” I said winking at her. “Hey” she said. “I missed you a lot” she said again. “HA! I missed you more” I said smiling. She laughed. “I hope you like your bed” I said winking. “It’s adorable” she smiled. “I even signed one of the pictures” I said smiling. She got up and climbed onto her bed and looked on the wall for the picture. “To the most beautiful/sexy/fun/nice girl I know! Love, Harry xo” she red out loud. “Awe, that’s so cute! Thanks” she smiled. “You’re special enough to have my autograph” I said winking. She was now off the bed. She was right in front of me. She looked up at me and smiled. Her blue eyes we’re beautiful. I was close to her lips… “Millie!” said Niall walking in. She looked away, towards Niall. “Yes” she said looking up. “Do you want me to help you unpack?” he asked. “Yeah… If you don’t mind” she said. He shook his head and came in and started helping her. So much for alone with her. Just then Zayn walked in. “Hey Millie, want to hit the hot tub after?” he said. “Yeah, I’ll finish unpacking and… There is a hot tub? Lou didn’t tell me! I’m going to kill him” she said playfully. “Great! Catch you later” he said winking at her and he left. “Niall, I think it was a bad idea to come here” she said. “What? Why?” Niall asked worried. “I think you guys are going to fight over whom spends time with me… Did you see Harry when I said you could come in… He wanted alone time with me” she said winking at me. “Not true!” I said blushing. “You got me worried there, but don’t worry sister I’ll make sure he keeps his hands off” said Niall winking at me. “Harry we have to make sure we hide” she said smiling at me. Niall shook his head and smiled. “I know the perfect spot” I said winking back. We all laughed. “Well I’ll let you two have some alone time” I said standing up. “Don’t worry Harry, I won’t forget about our secret plan” she said winking at me. I smiled and closed the door. “Check this out” I heard Liam yell. I walked over to see what was going on. “Look at this Harry! It’s Hilarious” said Zayn staring at the computer. It was a group named the Janoskians, the video was called Baby Annabelle. It was so funny. “That was hilarious” I said still laughing. “I know right” said Louis in a girly voice. “You’re funny Louis” said Liam in a sarcastic but playful tone. “Thank you” said Liam standing up and taking a bow. “So how are you and Millie coming along?” said Liam. “We are just besties Liam!” he yelled out while diving onto the couch. He turned on the TV. “Look the news is on” Louis yelled again. Just then I heard Millie and Niall laugh like crazy. I turned to Louis and we all sat down around him. “Turn it up Lou” said Liam. “Today the famous boy band One Direction will be leaving for their tour! They even have a new member Millie Horan, or better known as Niall’s twin sister. She will be joining the boys for the tour. Maybe this will lead to a new relationship… Louis and Millie seem pretty close already… Now stay tuned for more information! Back to you Bill” said the reporter. “Well…” said Zayn. Everyone looked at Louis, he didn’t seem to mind. “It’s just rumours” he said getting up to get a drink. “Does anyone want one?”

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