Vampires and Werewolves have been discovered, but when Leah get bitten by a dog she notices strange things changing about her. Then she must do all she can to save her friends and her self...


1. The News

I ran down the stairs to get ready for school, but I couldn't help but notice the sudden change in the TV screen . The big bold words 'Breaking News' flashed on to the screen. I paused to watch. There hadn't been any breaking news in ages. The only news on TV recently had been the announcement of timetables (to keep everyone in order) and the murders. Unfortunately, the murders grew so often anyone outside the city became less shocked by such events. Even the presenter looked shocked. I wasn't sure if that was because her eyebrows were stencilled half way up her forehead or was just genuine shocking news. "As you all know the government has been investigating the recent crimes committed" she began. "After months of dedicated hard work the government has finally discovered the cause of the crimes" Yes I thought finally that evil cruel person can be brought to justice! She continued to go on "We are in fact living amongst vampires and werewolves. It turns out that they are the reason for this vicious-" I switched the TV off. This was truly a horrible reason to give those grieving families and people. Even if they had no idea who the murderer was the truth would be better than a big fat lie. I carried on getting ready for school, attempting to forget about the horrible lie the nation had been told, but I couldn't. I shoved my books into the ugly blue school satchel our school forced us to use, and then stuffed my arm into the metal cylinder in the wall and waited for my timetable to be printed. Knowing that if i was late for anything these days, you will be thinking detentions are heaven.

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