My Life with One Direction

Brielle Miller was a normal girl, until she heard about her mother being One Direction's stylist, they turn her world upside down. But can she deal with five crazy teenage boys, filling her up wih feelings and romance?


1. My Mother's New Job

My mother has been short a job for a long time. Ever since her asshole
boss fired her because she filed something wrong. Anyway, my life is crappy.
No father, my sister sits in her room all day watching or listening to One
Direction. I can't say I don't like them because I don't know them. I only catch
glimpses of them on the old boob tube. My brother died, it's a long and painful
story. And as for me, I'm cooking for everyone in my house, I never get alone
time because I'm either cooking or cleaning. School is terrible. I hate every thing
about it. But that's something everyone has to live with. "Briella! Elise! I have
some good news!" My mother screams up the stairway. Me and my sister
race each other down the stairs, and I fail. We both laugh about it though.
"So girls, Mum has a new job!! And you'll be seeing my 'clients' a lot
so Elise, don freak out either." My mum teases. Me and Elise are very
eager to hear what her job is, and who her "clients" are. "Girls, I'm the band
One Directions stylists." Elise screams and I'm standing there. Like my
feet and glued to the floor speechless staring at my mum. My mum got a job
to be One Directions stylist. "If they annoy me I'm not gonna stop myself from
pounding they're faces in. I'm happy for you mum!" I run over to her, and squeeze
her with all my might. Great. This is wonderful. One Direction, pretty much
comes into my life. Ugghhh. Just kill me now.
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