Tick Tock, Death Clock

Danni can see the date that people are going to die, and knows she will be the first one to die in her year, probably due to suicide. However, the dates in her year group all suddenly change to the month when she dies, so that Danni is the last woman standing, for only 2 days. How come? Everyone is blaming coincidence but Danni knows better, and suspects the same force that gave her a curse and a blessing. How many deaths can she prevent and what about her own?


1. Prologue


18:52 17.08.58

02:12 30.11.23

21:36 21.04.87

08:10 15.12.12

13:49 03.05.46

Whenever I look in someone’s eyes I can see the date they are going to die.

It’s depressing to know that your Mum will live to 55, your Dad to 87 and your sister to 21. Depressing to know that your sister is 3 years away from death.

It’s depressing to know that your three best friends will live to 42, 92 and 16. Depressing to know that one of them will never get married.

It’s depressing to know that when you look in the mirror you see 14:12 21.10.12 staring back at you. Depressing to know that I would likely die - by the looks of others around me and their dates –by being hit by a car or most likely, suicide.

I’ve lived with the constant ticking of the death clock inside my fragile mind for my entire life and I don’t know if it’s common, rare, or if I’m an alien. By the sounds of different people’s shock when someone dies it’s probably not the first one! How would you cope with this?

Oh, and one more thing.

Sometimes, although it’s rare, the date of death will suddenly change to someday much sooner – usually gives you (me rather) 2 days notice. As I said: this is rare.


What would you do if you were me, and it was your last month of living, and all the people in your year group had their death day changed to a day much closer – all different days though – so you would be the last one in your year to die?

Confusing, it’s a tough one. But it’s true.

My name is Danni Stanton and this is my story.

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