Daddy Won't Know

Krissy Evans is a good girl. She always has been. Until she is convinced to come to her first end of the year party. Her image soon changes when she is thrown together with Colton Flynn in 7 Minutes In Heaven. The two have never met until the party. But they meet again later in life. As a total surprise to them both, Krissy's dad and Colton's mom are engaged. How will they cope with being step-siblings? Find out in Daddy Won't Know.


2. Seven Minutes In Heaven

   Wow. Seven minutes in heaven. I had watched people play it in movies. When two people were chosen to play, they had the time of seven whole minutes to do as they pleased. Whatever they wanted. I never thought I would be the one playing.

   I could hear cheers from the little crowd down stairs as Colton and I found an empty room. I had never seen this boy in my life. He was a complete stranger to me and maybe for this game, that was a good thing. If I didn't know him, I would probably never see him again, right? No strings attached.

   Colton took me by the waist and started to plant little butterfly kisses up my collar bone. I was obviously too drunk to care or remember it in the morning so I was going to enjoy it.

   I threw my head back to give him better access. With the encouragement from me, he started sucking on my neck. I was so far in heaven. I didn't think either of us were going for more than a little making out.

   Just as he was about to touch his lips to mine, my phone rang. I answered it with a groan, clearly irritated.

   "Hello?" I grumbled. Colton looked at me with confusion.

   "Krissy, where are you?" my dad's voice sounded worried.

   "Dad? I thought you were out all week?" I asked.

   See since my mon died four years ago, my dad took a higher paying job. The only thing was that it meant he had to travel a lot with the business.

   "I have some great news! I tried to call the house but you weren't home," he said.

   "Yeah, I'm at Rhi's. We're having a sleepover," I lied.

   I hated lying to him but he would freak out of he knew the truth.

   "Oh okay. I'm getting on a plane tonight so I was hoping to see you in the morning. I wanted to tell you the news in person," he explained.

   "Oh, then I'll be home when you get there. I guess Rhi could stay over at the house instead," I said.

   "Great! See you then. Love you, Krissy," he said before he hung up.

   "Love you too," I slipped in, then clicked 'end' on my phone. I turned to face a very confused looking Colton.

   "I have to go. My dad's coming home early," I explained.

   "Well at least let me give you a ride home. It doesn't look like your in the position to be driving," he offered.

   "Oh, and you are?" I asked.

   "I haven't been drinking," he insisted.

   "Well I came here with my friend and she has her car here," I explained.

   "Does it look like she's willing to go yet?" he smirked, pointing out the back window. He was pointing at Rhi in the backyard making out with someone I didn't recognize.

   "It's fine, I'll call a cab," I insisted.

   "Why? Too scarred to be alone with me?" he teased.

   "Fine. Have it your way," I caved.

   I may not have wanted a car ride alone with him or wanted him to find out where I lived but I was not scarred.

   I could feel the alcohol running thorough my veins. It wasn't making my loopy anymore, it was dying down. I was slowly being the old boring, good Krissy with a massive headache. I texted Rhi that I was leaving with Colton and for her to take a cab home. Colton and I escaped the crowd at the bottom of the stairs that was still counting down the minutes.

   "Sorry, we're done here," Colton announced.

   His comment gave us a bunch of wolf whistles from the crowd. I rolled my eyes and followed Colton outside. We stopped at his car. A big black truck. Okay do I don't know my cars very well.

   I slid into the passenger seat and waited for Colton to come around the side.

   "Where to, Baby Girl?" he asked, slipping into the car.

   "Melkem ave. Past the east park," I directed him. "Wait, did you just call me Baby Girl?" I demanded.

   "I don't know. Do you like it?" he smirked.

   "Defiantly not," I confirmed.

   "Then Baby Girl it is," he winked at me.

   I growled. Why did I agree to this? I should have just spent the money on a cab! The car ride was painful due to the long, awkward silence, until Colton finally spoke up.

   "So you look like you had a great time. Looks like that hangover is finally kicking in," he teased.

   "I don't really do parties," I yawned.

   "No? Then who do you do?" he joked.

    I rolled my eyes and gave him a little shove. He chuckled.

   "I meant that was my first party. I'm not usually like that. I'm more of a good girl," I confessed.

   "Really? I would have never guessed. 'Cause it really seems like you can handle your alcohol," said with sarcasm clear in his voice.

    "I know. I must've been born a pro," I went along.

   "That's the one," I pointed to my driveway.

   He pulled in and soon we were both standing on my porch.

   "Now, I know I'm good looking and all, but I'd rather kiss you when your sober so you can remember it and replay it in that pretty, little head of yours," he said confidently.

   "Yeah in your dreams," I brushed him off.

   "Oh that's for sure," he smirked.

   I laughed and rolled my eyes at him again.

    When I looked up at him I didn't notice how blue his eyes were. He had sleek black hair and his eyes were as blue as the ocean. I starred at them intently.

    "Give me your phone," he ordered.

     Snapping back into reality, I handed him my phone. He took it and snapped a photo of himself.

    "A picture last longer," he said. He typed his number in as a contact marked: Colton. I'm guessing he intentionally put the heart there.

    I did my best to look annoyed and unimpressed when really I was holding back a blush.

   "See you around, Baby Girl," he winked and ran back to his car.

   I unlocked the house door and watched him pull out of the driveway through the window. Then I headed upstairs to bed, ready to fight off the starting hangover before dad got home. Right. He had some big news to share tomorrow. I forgot.     

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