Obscuring Lucidity

A collection of poetry and proverbs with some rhyme and no reason.

May cause laughter, joy, confusion or sorrow; but always emotionally provocative (hopefully).


1. A Collection of Proverbs

Happiness isn't easy; so that only those who deserve it may achieve it

Just like words, the world would mean nothing without the characters that make it

The board stepped on most, creaks the loudest

It only gets dark when you choose not to turn the light on

I don't claim to be a God, but that's how I expect to be treated

Conflict creates gaps which only love can fill

If everyone that wanted something, got it, it wouldn't be desirable in the first place

Fret not what befalls you now, but prepare for tomorrows wrath

Faith is for the weak minded, fact is for the stubborn and ignorant

The perfect partner is not the one who meets all your ideals but the one who lacks them and you couldn't care less

Talent cannot be learned, it is something you are born with

When it least conveniences you, your hopes will be fulfilled

Your past only defines who you were, what you draw from it defines who you are

Absence bears the heaviest presence

You don't need to believe me, just believe in yourself

The omission of a flaw is the biggest flaw of all

Ask not why, but what

If you were meant to succeed, you would not have given up

beauty is not some divine perfection but the absence of self-doubt

I stole this quote from you, sorry


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