Witchcraft - Færdig

Dette er min første novelle på engelsk, og jeg vil faktisk gerne vide hvad i synes. Selvom mit sprog ikke er helt godt xD

Alisha is a teenager girl, who just moved to a new town. But not any teenagegirl. 'Cause Alisha is a witch, just like the rest of her family. And with that follows some responsibilities.


1. Here We Go Again

I just moved to a new town. It’s always hard. I mean, it’s always hard to move, for any ordinary teenage girl. But for me, it’s beyond hard. It always is. When I say always, I guess you think: “She has moved two or three times…” But no. Hold your breath, and be ready to be shocked. I have moved… seventeen times. I am 17 years old, and I’ve moved seventeen times.
And then, I guess you wonder; why? I used to ask myself that question, many years ago, every time it happened. But only, ‘till I got 10 or 11. I just knew when it was close. And I just knew, that no matter how much I asked that question, I would never get an answer. Not a real one, anyway.
Because actually, I know the answer. I just don’t think it’s good enough. I mean… I need a good reason, to forgive my parents for all the friends that I’ve lost, and the times with complete loneliness. But, no matter how much I hate it, they’ve actually done all that, just to protect me, and everybody else.
Do you want to know why?
Because I’m clairvoyant. And psychic. A witch.
Haven’t you freaked yet?
Believe me, you will. Because it’ll just get freakier and freakier.
So. I’m a witch. That’s not a big deal, is it? In my family, it’s not. Everyone are witches. We are a witch-family.
But witches aren’t what people think they are. We can’t just do magic. It has its price. A price that all of us have to pay.
First: It’s hard. Physically hard. What I mean is, it takes a lot of our strength.
Second: The eternal moving. We have to move, because of two things. Two really annoying, but good reasons. The first one is, that people always notice something strange about us, and we can’t stay long enough to let them find out what it is. What we are. Number two is, that witches have some instincts, that offers us, to use magic to do everything. And I really mean everything. And the better we get to know people, the harder it gets to control those instincts, because we feel comfortable. We feel like we belong. And then we forget, that we don’t.
Third: We can’t ever fall in love with a human. A mortal. Not ever.
And the longer we stay a place, the more we get to know the people. And the more we get to know the people, the better we like them. And when you like someone, you can start loving them.
So we move every year. Always at summer. In the vacation.
And now I’m here. A small-town, I don’t even think it has a name. If it has, it’s an unknown one anyway.
But (unfortunately) here is a school. And a supermarket. And a book store, and a jewelry store, and… I guess that’s it.
Like I said. A small-town.
But I like small-towns. That’s why we always pick a small-town. That, and because, a little society is harder to be a part of. So we won’t get tempted. Or… Of course we get tempted. But it’s easier to resist, if we actually have to try. You get it, right? If you don’t, then don’t read this, ’cause like I said; It’ll only get freakier and freakier.
So… If you haven’t quit yet… Let’s get to the actual story.
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