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List + captioning in progress :)

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    당신은 매우 아름답습니다 I'm wild and free, like Jackson's treetrunk thunder thighs! don't worry, this is @TiaElise under a new name hopefully I am no stranger to you   
    So so so lovely, beautiful and caring. You've always been there for me, and don't ever forget I'm always here too :))
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    You've been one of my closest friends since I joined :) also I love finding [and laughing/cringing at] the old conversations with you me and jess
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    You are just all around brilliant and talented and thank you for being my friend and again for putting up with me :)
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    do you ever feel personally offended by mika's existence   
    You write amazingly and you're an amazing person and again thank you so much for putting up with me :)
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    Your writing is incredible, you're lovely and also a fan of pll woooo (:

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