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People who I've met on here that are not only good writers but fantastic people in their own write (see what I did there). They help me to pass the day with a smile on my face Books I love Em

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    Probably in a corner somewhere. Search a bookstore or music shop near you. [the older, more sophisticated dramaticllama Nightshade]   
    What can I say, a real friend when I needed one. Helping with my corn therapy
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    Lapis Lazuli
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    Hi. I'm a 15 yr old American high school sophomore. I like to read and write and watch cartoons. You can call me Lapis or Mike. Tumblr: teamchaosprez Kik: fnaftrash YouTube: TeamChaosPrez Fanfiction:...   
    Great to chat with and 'quote joust' with for Harry Potter
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    Lily Anna
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    Fiction writer. I mostly write crime/mystery themed stories with the occasional make believe aspect. I try (and hope) to make my characters interesting but believeable. (I also love to make book covers.) (An...   
    Intelligent, witty, creative, what more can I say - Oh she's Crissy's sister
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    Megites Nightshade
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    I am a unique individual, some might say weird even. I just like standing out and being unusual. I am a reader and writer; a beater and biter of words. They are my passions - reading takes you to new worlds,...   
    When you quit guides for scouts you're a great person
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    LV Snelson
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    Hey there :) Thanks for taking your time into reading my bio xD people with a heart and backbone will. (:●:) -----██---- -Put this on -----██----- your profile --█████---if you're not -----██-----...   
    Wacky, friendly and kind

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