Sequel/Prequel: A Writing Competition

by , Friday January 16, 2015
Sequel/Prequel: A Writing Competition

Write your own series...



We are opening up a new competition, something we have never done on Movellas before. Whether the author releases a genius backstory for characters (ala Queen J.K. Rowling on Pottermore), or an author has taken your favourite characters and imagined new adventures there is nothing better than finding out that there is a another book to a series. 

How many of you have considered writing your own sequel to one of your stories? Or maybe your followers have been demanding a prequel? Now is your chance to do just that. 


The Competition

1) Choose one of your stories on Movellas and write a Sequel or Prequel. 

2) Write a Prequel or Sequel to your favourite book.


The Prizes

The winner will receive a pair of Steelseries Headphones.

Two runners up will each win a £10 Amazon gift card.


The Details

Open to everyone.

For option 2, 'book' refers to a published book. 

Do not write a sequel/prequel of a story from Movellas/Wattpad which is not yours.

Competition closes at 23:00 GMT 26 February 2015


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