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by , Wednesday July 10, 2019


Outside Movellas


Just as it is with many people, the older I have become the more complex things seem to get. I've put myself in an obnoxious situation that I am working on getting out of. When I graduated high school I attended college for Criminal Justice. It was and is a very fun degree that for the most part, I enjoyed. My biggest complaint was that they moved far too fast. It seems as though the point of attending college has become nothing more than to remember something long enough to pass a test and then forget it all after. I took many American government courses, criminal law courses and still  I feel as though I don't understand it all very well. Hell, I don’t even remember all of the amendments to the constitution anymore. Very disappointing when you realize I spent 3 years in school for things such as that.


So where am I going with this? Well as I neared the end of my college carrier I became more involved with law enforcement, meeting many of the higher ups such as police lieutenants and government officials to inquire about jobs and various details regarding cases I had studied. In the process I realized that I just don’t fit in. The mentality and attitude of most people is just flat out miserable. I want no part of it. So I left. This leaves me at 23, working 10 hour shifts and confused on where to go next. I research and research but I can't find anything that interests me. Hopefully I find something soon.


Today I am going to do a little cleaning and laundry, go for a run and then hit the road and head north where I will stay until tomorrow when I have to be back at work for 3pm. Maybe the run will help clear my head, it’s like bliss for me. There's no point in sitting at home and searching every corner of the internet’s seemingly endless abyss for carriers. I need to seek a carrier guidance expert and explain my problem, get some leads before I look any further. Hopefully back to school for the spring semester!


Hope you all are doing well,



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