Looking Back

by , Thursday July 4, 2019
Looking Back


“I never look back, darling. It distracts from the now.”


I’ve been doing a lot lately. My new job offer fell through, so I’ve ramped up my job search. I might be moving. I’m questioning even my degree, though I do love what I do, I just want to do more with it. It’s hard.


However, one bright thing has happened, and that’s that I realised my Movellas email is still operational. I won’t be answering anyone’s questions, or working for Movellas, but I’ve been reading through all of my old emails to Skye. It reminds me of a simpler time, when I was trying to get a job at McDonald’s and save up for a camera.


It’s also kind of inspirational. Like, I was working so many hours per week (with the content of the emails, it looked like 30 hours a week) for Movellas, waiting until 9:00pm to Skype with Skye, all while applying frantically for a part time job anyway, studying for exams, and working on my graphic design external (which is the equivalent of several exams). And I loved what I was doing! I wasn’t too stressed out, because working for Movellas was what I enjoyed doing and it felt like downtime.


I want to feel like that again. Going through those emails made me realise that I can do so much more than I currently can, when I love what I’m doing. 


Of course, the email account should have been deleted years ago. Literally years. And I’ve told Skye and Adison, so really I can’t do much more except reminisce.  


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