Suffered by her

by , Thursday September 20, 2018
Suffered by her


Life with full of tears



When my life begins with pain,

I Suffered with pain

When people lies to me,

When someone hides things from me,

When someone a Psychopath and obsession about me,

When someone wants to hurt me,

when someone yells at me,

When someone wants to be mad at me,

When someone just someone got problems with me

That my life with suffering in pain.

When life comes in force,

somethings that i don't want to do,

somethings about to keep secrets,

somethings when people complains

about what they want me to do that i don't.

that why that things in life that isn't good for me

don't need to come in from suffering.

My suffering is that cause that i have people in

my life that does all those things to me or force me to do.

I want is peace and love.

That isn't hard to ask.

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