Do you want to be a successful writer? Then you came at the right spot at the right time. I've pilied up 5 Tips that could help polishing your work. The Tips described are not just random Google search but this is a pure work of observation and reading. Lets cut to chase and introduce you the Tips...



TIP # 1: DON'T RUN!!

As the TIP # 1 indicates, don't run in your story. Try to make it smooth as the flowing water, keep it calm and keep it going. Running in your story frustrates the Reader and this could make your entire work go to a waste which you don't want. Try to describe your plot in depth and scrutinizing for the reader, just like the pace of ticking clock. You want your reader to absorb your story and running somewhat makes it a lot harder for your reader to take in, so in the the end the Reader gives up!

Don't go like this:

" I met her at the bar, she looked cute and so I ordered another drink. As she came both of our eyes meet and so when I finish the drink I wrote my number on the paper and toss to her, she just passed smile." 

You have to be more specific because things don't just go like that in the real world. IN THE REAL WORLD, there are thousand of possibilities that might happen, BE SPECIFIC  why you happened to chose that possibility to be turned out!



First person and Third person are just the two different versions of the same story in which plot is being described, the difference is just the Point Of View (in short called as 'POV'). The first Person operates through the five detectable senses namely gustatory(Taste), Olfactory(Smell), Auditory(Hearing), Vision(Sight) and Touch. The First person will experience all those and collect all these senses from the external environment you created for your subject. On the other hand, Third Person also operates through the Senses as mentioned above but difference came in The Description. Third Person describes the Subject when the external stimulus is percieved by the subject.

EXAMPLE: First Person

"Dusk was stretched across the horizon dispersing the demonic colors and my little brother was nowhere to be found. I mustn't have scholded him, 'What a crapy fool I was!' I abused myself and ran in to a field of knee lenght meadows. It was already too late and I have forgotten to wore my contact lenses."

EXAMPLE: Third Person

"Dusk was gaining on Camaro and he was still searching for his elder brother, regretting the moment he scholded him. His brother was nowhere to be found and it was getting dark already, there came the time when Camaro ran himself in Meadows which sank him deep to his knees and he realized that he had forgotton to wore his contact lenses and so it was misfotunate for him to look more in the dark."

You can see the visible difference between the First Person and Third person, which is Discription. Third Person reveals more in depth knowledge about the subject but poor at describing the Five Visible senses, on the contrary, First person reveals more knowledge through the Five Visible senses but poor at describing the more in depth Knowledge.

But you got to decide wether to chose First Person Or the Third person for your story, BUT REMEMBER don't clash these two in the same story. This would create a drastic effect for your Reader because YOU DON'T GET TO CHOSE because there always be VS between these two.

RESULT: Don't put both First Person and Third Person in the same story!!!


TIP # 3:  PLOT.

Every Story operates through the Plot. Without Plot, story don't exist! Plot is the main focal point which attracts the Reader towards the specific story. Just like the building, if you don't pre-decide the structure and design, the building would ramshakled. 

For a story, the plot has to be unique and specific for your subject to live inside it. So be sure to decide the Plot before you write your story. There are no restrictions towards your plot, You can either chose some Plot which really do exist in real world in the form of a City, or you can create your own City, just like some Science- Fic story or  You can modify your Plot, molding it to something even better as we can see in the Best successful story of Dan Brown, Papertown! But please be sure never to steal others Plot to write your story, if you did, just give them credit for your story.

By the meaning of Plot, it's never meant to be some city in which your story operates, It is the environment. It's all in your hand to create the Environment, add things to it, mold it, modify it. 

To present your Plot to a Reader, you must chose a suitable Title or name. Because 80% of all Readers attracts towards the Title, Intro and Story Cover, Plot and Words selection. If you have the best of these Five, you will hit views in no time. 
Also don't bounce off from the plot, always follow the plot and progress your story.


TIP # 4: Vocabulary and Description.

Vocabulary and Description go hand in hand in a Story. To describe the Plot's Environment, you need to have the best selection of words. They both are connected. Don't think about having one Perfect will attract your Reader, most readers left story... not because your Vocabulary was high just because you failed to emphasize on the minor details or you wasn't giving attention to your Story's Plot as you were too engaged in impressing the Readers through your selection of Words. If you have both of these to your perfection you will gain attention from your readers in no time


"In the Contradicting environment, the White Lancer sheared its way through the  roaring and smashing Waves which were hungry enough to digest the wood, iron, bones and flesh. The Sky rose waves were desperately trying to tear down the White Lancer which stood unharmed amongst the wildest storms which Gods have sent to torment the Human race on their sins. The wrath of Gods can truly be seen then and one could be found praying for his least painful death instead having nothing to get buried as a memory."

In this example, you can see the best selection of words and the wonderful discription on the Sea Voyage in which there is a Ship desperately trying to reach the destination out of unwanted Storm.

Description also matters, if you are describing your Subject visiting a Market; try to explain all the surroundings, people, and even the Weather. Best description will polish your story and no matter how many times you read that chapter, you will always find something new.



You can always change your writing styles and switch with totally new, but this not what WRITING STYLE meant XD. The way how you present your Chapter, that's an art and rarely somebody knows how to do that but some tips might end up polishing your work.

First you need to Focus on your Story's Chapter, which contains Chapter's Name and the Body. Readers attract towards the story which has short chapters and intriguing chapter's name. Both keep your reader to continue reading your story. The best lenght of a Chapter is between 2000 words to 4000 words max. Creating extra long chapters might be nostalgic for your readers and they give up your story. 

While presenting your chapter, don't continue with extra long paras, try to write as many paragraphs in your story as possible because piling up your work in to longer paragraphs would result your Reader to lost consideration. Short 4-5 lines paragraph will be motivating for your Reader to move on in your story. 

Another way of doing this is through adding as much Dialogues as you can, The Reader will find more about your story characters in the presence of Dialogues, but again don't crowd your story by filling bundles of Dialogues, do what you can in the maintained balance because that's how your Reader absorbs your story.


Now there's your 5 Tips To Be A Successful Writer. I hope that the blog helped. Anyways, keep on writing and creating miracles. Whatever you create, remember Movellas loves your work! <3

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