Living at school

by , Wednesday March 7, 2018

Class peers

Currrently in science prepping for a exam..........on DNA nothing that I will nned to know about in life like at all, I mean don't you agree some of the thing we learn at school is so silly. Like I love math with a passion but seriously algabra for instantes enlgish is hard enough don't add it into numbers I mean like seriously........Math I'm done dealing with your X...she ain't ever coming back!  (totaly didn't not use a meem at all guys :0)


If find it really funny though Dr parsona our science teacher is all about science with a passion and making us learn, but its I love it how he get so off task, then we spend the whole 45 minutes talking about ramdome stuff not actully learning when were ment to but some how ....I still get good grades.


Do use have thoses sterotypes in your class, like the class clown or that really annoying b*chy chic, or the really quiet smart people then their that group of weird people, but everyone like them....I do, I'm more of the weird people I sit at the back prensing to do research but actully is writing or editing a story I'm working on, or serching ramdome funny meems or quotes on pontrest with my bestfriend in my grade.


I have this chci in my grade lets call her Joe okay....she is really funny and outthere....she always makes savage funny jokes just out of the blue making everyone laugh and piss them self unfortuntly its always about her the jokes. Like for example we were in HPE and we had to jump over the hurdles and Joe is like "Yo...dose sir really espect me to do this I have mnorerollthan a chinease restruant," Now it was a very funny joke but then again. O really feel for her on how she insuts her self alot, I don't really know wh yI'm telling use this just wanting to know do use have any people like this at your school or uni or job or is it just me...


anyways I have to go and actully do some work here in class.......have fun, live life like its your last cause well it is your last stay, cooland weird ELMO OUT! 

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