Come on Movellas...

by , Friday February 16, 2018
 Come on Movellas...

Honestly Movellas, I love what you do to get people reading and writing as a community. Giving a platform for creative media to unfold. 

But what the hell is this? 

Spam bots? Really? You haven't implemented a way to stop spam bots signing in and wreaking havoc? Something that was solved simply back in 1997? Oh, and this isn't the only evidence I have for these malicious spam bots. I've seen literal GIF porn on the User Blogs. Porn. Your ToS actively say no pornagraphy on any form of your media. ESPECIALLY when young people on this site can be so easily influenced. 

You have a reCAPTCHA system put in place when you sign up. Great. Good start, Not enough. You need another CAPTCHA system in place, such as clicking images with signs or having to read a swirling mess of text that bots cannot decipher. 
Better yet, if someone wants to write a blog, a mumble, or a discussion on a group, then have the "I am not a robot" reCAPTCHA put in place. To stop this disgusting, putrid spam infecting your site like a swarm of hornets. 

Sort it out. It's laughable.

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