The difference between there, their and they're

There, their and they're

Nasty words they are. There and their are pretty much the same; they make the same sounds so why do i need to learn them?

When you get the hang of it they're pretty simple.

lets start with there


1. in, at, or to that place or position:
"we went to Paris and stayed there ten days"

2. used in attracting someone's attention or calling attention to someone or something:
"hello there!"
3. used to indicate the fact or existence of something:
"there's a restaurant round the corner"

​^ This is the definition of the word. It's only used when you're talking about going to a place ("we went ​there​"), and when you're stating facts or talking about something ("There's ​this cool book i want you to read"). Pretty simple.

Now their

Their is used to describe someone or a living creature. If you wanted to say "their dog is so cute" you will use their as it belongs to the owner. Their is simply stating that its somebodies thing ("their car" "Their baby.")


And now finally they're

Same as you're, they're is short for they are. So if you're writing, "they're my friends" then say they are instead of they're and if it makes sense its they're.


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