Scarlet Heart: Ryeo

by , Monday November 21, 2016

I feel that I had to do this

I reccommend to you all a heart wrenching kdrama of tragic romance. That is Scarlet Heart Ryeo, It's been a few days since I finished this series and I still can't get the characters or soundtrack out of my mind. (Specifically the actor, Lee Joon Ki, who played the role of the 4th Prince Wang So. My Lord did he play his role well! Literally got me heart strings tangled all over. I watched one of the other movies he played in The King and the Clown , I had to hand it to him. He's terrific, I think he even has a role in other historical dramas and a Resident Evil movie - Well, actually everyone did an amazing job!) Even to the very end of the movie there was some part of me hoping, hoping to dear God that it did NOT end the way it did. I'm kind of hoping for some kind of special episode or season 2 to put me into therapy. Man, KDramas really know how to rip out your heart, butcher it, and hang the bits and pieces up on a thread. That's what this show did to me!

At the heart of this kdrama you have the main character Go Ha Jin, (specializes in putting make-up on others) she was betrayed by her lover who hooked up with her best friend (AFTER she gave the girl a make-over, smh!) and leaves her in debt and on the run from the collectors. Even though she's miserable and bitter, she's still a good person at heart, as she sees a child stray too far into a pond(at a park)- she figured that someone else save him, but after no one noticed and the boy began to drown, she took it upon herself to be the first one to reach out. She got to the little boy in time, but unfortunately for her she drowned(almost really). 

Ha Jin finds herself in the body of one of her ancestors, Hae Soo, who wakes up out of nowhere in Goryeo, specifically the bathing pool that belongs to the Princes, the sons of King Taejo. Funny I know, but this show has it's moments of heaviness too. Ha Jin retains her memories of her former self and finds her soul a stranger in its body, she doesn't know how to return to her former timeline, not only that she's kind of caught up in-between history. She has visions of the future, in addition to the knowledge she already knew from her previous timeline. 



I'm trying not to give too much away but I hope you all sneak a peak and get your hearts WRECKED! ... r. r I mean, I hope you all enjoy it. ._. Wish I could watch it again with someone else...

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