Gems of Movellas 2- When The World Falls To Darkness

Second entry for the blogging competition


This is my second edition of hidden- or not so hidden- gems of movellas! Featuring movellas that either don't get the recognition they deserve, or I think are worthy of a full out review. Enjoy!


Our Movella today is When the World Falls to Darkness by DragonSoulJess. Again, writing will be divided into plot, characters, and writing style. Also, since this is a fantasy world, I will also explain the basis of the world.

Once again, another well-done cover! 

Brief summary of the world: The world is divided by five races- humans, elves, angels, dwarves, and guardians. Guardians are creatures that can transform from a mystical animal (for example, a dragon) into a human and back. There is a different type of guardian known as a shapeshifter, which can transform into anything at all, but they are long since dead. Guardians are beaten and enslaved by other races, and treated as monsters and freaks. The world is also split into various factions and alliances, which are gradually explained throughout the story.

Plot: This story starts out similarly to Blue Moon- a main character, alone in the snow. However, that's where the similiarities stop. The main character- named Lukas, is a traveler, moving from place to place, never staying long. The story hints at some sort of deadly secret, a secret that isn't revealed until the seventh chapter. In order to avoid spoilers, I won't mention what it is. He travels to an elven village, and when the village is attacked, he has no choice but to help- and reveal his secret in the process. Unfortunately, I can't explain much more, as it would contain too many spoilers.

Characters: The main characters are Lukas; Avalon, who is an angel; Ryuu, an elf; and later on- introduced in the sixth chapter- an angel assassin named Quartz and his companion Ghost. In this case, it's hard to choose a favorite, because each character is beautifully complex, with good traits and flaws alike. There are only two characters that are exceptions to this- Avalon, who seems to represent true good, with few negative flaws, and Quartz, the exact opposite; a character who its easy to hate, and seems to have no good traits. The contrast of these two characters against Ryuu and Lukas- who both are a balance of good and evil- provides interesting conflict in the story.

Writing Style: This story is written in third person. However, it's not the descriptions that provide the best images- it's the emotions and actions of the characters placed within this world. The feelings of the characters are so well written that it's easy to get lost in the story, almost as if you were standing there as part of the events. The world is a masterful piece of work, and the subtle lore of the world is explained smoothly throughout the plotline, instead of an info dump. 

Reccomendations to the author: Nothing comes to mind. Just keep working on it- this story is a real gem. 

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