The Future Is Dead? "I Feel Like Such A Proud Mom" XD (Stupid)


I've seriously got to ask why some of us are still here. Oh, I know why- but I sure don't wish to find out.

- Daily Blogs Coming To You By Luke J.R -

Not sure what it is about 2016, but I’m certainly seeing terms that were used a decade ago returning. I’m seeing words that never had a meaning before have a whole new meaning this time around. And I’m also seeing pointless content going places. Great, it’s a great year to be rather the Stupidest person on Earth. (Me) XD Yeah, I’m just going to point that out. Or, just being someone who invented a (Meme) like it’s a caveman learning how fire, works. “Look at me”- “I just created a trend out of a few images I thrown together.” This is not so much of a Rant, believe me, I could write a rant but I don’t usually tend to write rants. What annoys me is how even after coming out of the dull 2015, we still have a year of stupidity.

Now, I’m stupid. (Still going to share that like you don’t already know it)- The meme trend is fun sometimes, but when it becomes an internet meme based on a celebrity or some dude / woman who is trying to be a celebrity, it gets tiresome. Boring, annoying, and always in your face everywhere you go. Especially if you go to School / High School / College, and possibly even University? Maybe. I’m someone who does use a meme from time-to-time, who the fuck doesn’t? Seriously.

If you don’t use memes, you clearly use emoji’s, basically almost the same thing except it’s more natural. And somehow these yellow faces now actually mean something, and are part of everyday life. Some of us are most likely living under rocks- due to not knowing what an internet meme is, and not even knowing what the whole obsession is over stupid trends?

“I feel like such a proud mom” is one of these pathetic terms. Several words thrown together, no longer coming from an actual mother. This now comes from die-hard crazy fans who are trying to express how proud they are to be rather in-love, have a crush, or even just seeing this so-called person as an idol. Not going to sugar-coat it, I think people who use this term are annoying. Now, I’m fine with anyone having a teenage crush- natural stuff. Don’t even care about it, it doesn’t bother me whatsoever. What annoys me is when something as stupid as this becomes something that really shouldn’t have changed in the first place. (Especially when it's coming from a younger girl aged 8-10) WTF ? The dude is like 30-40 Yrs old! FFS

It’s weird because my English teacher always got annoyed with how the English Language was changing. Literature as we know it changing in front of our very eyes. Oxford jumped on the bandwagon. And anyone else who wanted to follow the trend to stay young, to stay hip? Ugh. To try to stay relevant in this world of CHANGE. Stop pretending to be young, stop pretending to be someone who wants to follow all this. Aren’t you supposed to be setting the example? No fucking wonders we’ve got the ones who are against this (quite a large majority of teenagers) saying how embarrassing it is when their parents try to be up-to-date too. Oh, and it also explains why most of us get sick of hearing it time after time again.

This is not a RANT, this is the stupidest person here talking about something stupid. But I’ll let you decide on whether this even worthy to be blogged. I feel it’s worth sharing, and I sure fucking hate society. Sorry, but I do.

- Luke J.R

BLOG written by Luke J.R, a few friends- & also xXJessXx – My cousin.

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