'How The Magic Really Happens'

by , Tuesday February 24, 2015
'How The Magic Really Happens'

@Lily Anna Nightshade takes a tour of Harry Potter Studios.


The Harry Potter Studios is a must see for any budding Harry Potter fan. It really was one of the most brilltastic experiences of my life, it even requires me to make up a word to describe it. I would not only recommend it to fans but to anyone with a keen interest in film and behind the scenes of films. My parents are not overall Harry Potter fans, but they also thoroughly enjoyed how much detail the film makers put in.


From the Weasley’s Burrow… to Hagrid’s cabin… to the Mirror of Erised.  Everything and anything is there for you to see and it truly is awe-striking to find out just how much detail there really is in all of the sets they used.  Here are six of my top high-lights from my two visits:


The feeling as I waited outside the door for the first time which lets you into the studios. I don’t think I will ever get a feeling like that ever again. It’s a mixture of happiness, over joyed excitement and a little bit of nervousness too. Knowing what could lie behind those doors and what I was about to see I am not ashamed to say almost made me wet myself, no jokes.



The Great Hall. The first official set you see is the Great Hall and it really is a stunner. Actually being able to walk down the hall as though you’re a new Hogwarts student waiting to be sorted felt like such an un-real experience.


Dumbledore’s study was definitely my next memorable highlight. It really is a beautiful place, with all the glass cabinets and the actual crystal case used on filming which stores the files of Dumbledore’s memories. It really was Dumbledore’s study.


Next on the list of course has to be the Weasley’s kitchen. Here you had the chance to make some of the objects in the set move by themselves including the knitting needles (seen in the second film) and the chopping knife. As well as this the costumes for the Weasley family were on models in the display making you almost feel as though the Weasley family were there with you.


Another part of the Harry Potter Studio Tour which was rather interesting was of course where you got to see behind the scenes of how Quidditch was born. Here there were moving broomsticks, Hagrid’s motorbike (book readers will know this was actually Sirius’s originally), the Quidditch costumes, all along with a video where the people who made this game come to life explain how it was done.



Gryffindor common room and dormitory was one of the places where you felt most included into the world of Harry Potter. It was almost as if you were a Gryffindor yourself inside that room, by the warm looking fire beside the large detailed tapestries hanging on the wall.


One of the examples of great attention to detail was the Potions classroom which was beyond amazing. There were countless bottles and glass viles all labelled individually. The cauldrons, potions books and ingredients were strewn across the tables like the sixth years had just left the room.


The creature shop was another place which really did reiterate how much hard work the Harry Potter film makers put into the films. You were taken round and introduced to this part of the studios by a video of Warick Davis who played both Griphook and Felius Flitwick. Here you would find all of the prosthetic marks of various different creatures, the biting book, models of Hedwig and scarily very realistic models of the characters with their costumes on. As well as this was a model Dobby and a moving Buckbeak.



My first thought was wow as I walked next into Diagon Alley with all its shops and filled windows of the magical world. It really was inspiring walking down Diagon Alley, feeling just like Harry in the first film where he saw in awe what the magical world involved. Each window contained different interesting items suitable for that shop in such incredible detail. Most amazingly was Olivanders wand shop with all the wand boxes and Weasley’s Wizarding Weezes was definitely hard to miss in its bright orange colour.


Possibly one of the next best high-lights for me was seeing the small scale model of the Hogwarts castle which was definitely a jaw-dropper. I can’t really describe how fantastic it was walking round a corner and then bam, Hogwarts Castle. I literally squealed with excitement. It was truly something I will never, ever forget.



The Harry Potter Studios are well worth a visit and is worth every penny which it takes to get entrance. My advice for anyone going to visit or thinking of visiting is to make sure that you have a camera ready to take pictures to document your day (with full charge) and enough money to buy yourself a good souvenir in the rather large shop.

The Harry Potter Studio Tour experience really is something which is thrilling and unforgettable, so if you are lucky enough to be able to take a look behind the magic, then I hope you have a fantastic time, as did I!



***Big Thank you and Congratualtions to @Lily Anna Nightshade for her first Movellas Blog***
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