@Luke J.R's Top 10 Fantasy Movellas

by , Friday January 30, 2015
@Luke J.R's Top 10 Fantasy Movellas

Featuring Fantasy Movellas!


A big thank you to @Luke J.R for collecting these

@Luke J.R has been hard at work, mining the fantasy movellas world for a shortlist of the top ten movellas. Take the time to read all of these amazing picks. 


When The World Falls To Darkness by @DragonSoulJess



Beyond Enclosure by @Love2write



We are the Damned by @Evalenne Shadownight


A Desire of the Heart by @TheOneAndOnly


Outlawed by @Aldrin Rogue @Micha Cameron


The Frosty Summer by @Celaenya Archivine


Return of the Fear by @Fandom Freakz


A Wonderful Nightmare by @A Child of the Madness


Ever After by @Tande


The Legacy by @Luke J.R



Enjoy your weekend reading list! Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments. 

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