11 Websites for Writing Inspiration

by , Tuesday November 25, 2014
11 Websites for Writing Inspiration

Banish writer’s block!


One Word

Really stuck in a writing rut? Every day oneword.com puts up a new word. Then you have 60 seconds to write about that word. When you’re done you can read what other people have written.


You Should Write

Feel like you don’t care about your characters? You can switch to personal mode on this website, try writing from your main character’s perspective to get to know them better.


The Peacock Book Project

Download chapter templates for free to suss out the beginning of your story. Plus loads of really useful tips on writing and publishing from Catriona Ross.


This is Zen Pen

Dead simple, distraction free writing zone. Enter full screen to block out all the other tabs you have open, and just write. There are loads of distraction busting writing tools, but if you don’t want to download an app, go for zenpen.



Improve your writing craft. Writer Kata takes you through a series of exercises and scores you at the end. Work on sentences,


How to write a book in your spare time

This book blog has 5 simple tips to fit your writing into your life. Perfect for Na No Wri Mo where meeting your daily word count feels impossible if you still want to sleep/eat.


I Write Like

Find out what author you write like with this handy analyzer. Just paste a paragraph or two of your writing in and see who you get!


Pro Writing Tips.com

Exactly what it says on the tin: blogs, articles and pro tips to help with any kind of writing. They also have 100 cures for writer’s block.


The Story Starter

Every story starts with a single sentence. The Story Starter gives you the first sentence every time - great for inspiration to start your next story, or your novel.


The Periodic Table of Story Telling

This cool design leads you through a giant wiki of characters, structures and plot devices. Check out the story molecules at the bottom of the page to see how it works.


The Cliche Finder

Find out if you are using too many clichés, just copy and paste your writing in to see them all highlighted for you to edit.




How do you get inspired? Reccommend your favourite inspiration websites below.

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