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    mumbled "Months Silence for Eucatastrophe"

    Finally after about a month of zero updates for Eucatastrophe, I just updated! I've been traveling all over and then spending time with family and friends so I've not been online as much. But please enjoy the extra long update that had to include two parts <3

    -- Amber
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    mumbled "✗ Chapter 26 of Eucatastrophe is LIVE ✗"

    ✗ HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYBODY! Hope you've all had a wonderful couple of days with your families and friends, no matter what you celebrate! I hope you all had safe travels on holiday as well! I hardly ever post mumbles on here but I figured I would today. I thought I'd post a new chappie today as my gift to you!

    CHAPTER 26 of Eucatastrophe is up now! Please, please, please Like, Comment, add to your Favorite List, and Share with your friends. I would love to read some comments on my long travels home tomorrow! Much love all ✗
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    mumbled "Eucatastrophe on Movellas!!!!!!!"

    I wrote a while back about a new book I've written called Eucatastrophe (Harry Styles). Originally it was only going to be available on Wattpad, but I've come to the decision to share it here on Movellas. There are currently nineteen chapters written and published, all of which I am currently trying to post on this sight as soon as possible.

    I really hope you all come to love it as much as I already do. I have a feeling it will be a big success and hopefully get my name out there. It does involve some adult content: language, sexual themes, and a big of violence as well as some possible triggering subjects. I do hope you come on over and check it out though. It would be so much.

    - Amber
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    mumbled "Eucatastrophe on Wattpad"

    So I haven't updated on this site for a long while and that's because I've taken an extended break from my 5SOS stories. I wrote a new book featured on Wattpad called Eucatastrophe and would absolutely adore it if you all went and checked it out, showed it a little love.

    Eucatastrophe is a Harry Styles A.U. fan fiction that takes place in London, England. The main character's name is Shay Nichols, an executive assistant to Mr. Styles. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE come on over and check it out!

    Link: wattpad.com/myworks/73639860-eucatastrop..
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    mumbled "I'M BACK"

    It's been two long months away from updating my 5SOS stories, but I am back! Can't wait for you to read the new chapters. Australian Love Affair will be up within the hour!!!!
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