Eating Our Hearts Out

Scotty Matthews is an alcoholic. For him, waking up miles away from his university, injured, with no idea where he was or who he was with, is normal.

One morning, though, he wakes up from a night of drinking feeling different. He’s wracked by nightmares he can’t explain, anger he can’t control, sickness he can’t suppress, and hunger he can’t satisfy. He tries to ignore it, but eventually, he’s forced to admit this is no ordinary hangover. He wants answers, but he only has one lead- the vaguest image of a girl, taken from a dream and accounts from his friends who aren’t sure what they saw.

When he finds her, what she tells him doesn’t surprise him, and no matter how hard he tries, he can’t bring himself to hate her. She’s the victim of an addiction infinitely deadlier than his own. They understand one another, and as they grow closer, Scotty’s resolve starts to slip. She’s given him new strength, and the world seems to be willing him to snap. Can he resist it?

Or will he give in?


Author's note

Hello! This is a rewrite involving the same characters and BASIC plotline of my movella "Bloodsuckers" which has joined my other original draft stories in the firepit, never to be looked upon again. TRIGGER WARNING: EXTREME VIOLENCE, GORE AND DISTURBING SCENES. MORALLY SKEWED CHARACTERS WITH DIFFERENT MINDS FROM NORMAL PEOPLE. VAMPIRES AREN'T REAL AND EVEN IF THEY WERE I DEFINITELY WOULDN'T BE ONE OF THEM, I SWEAR.
The author has rated this movella as yellow, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 13.
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