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    I wrote an essay about marketing using Movellas as an example. It was really just writing practice, to be honest, not for an assignment or anything, but I wanted to post it to show that there is still room for Movellas in internet space, even if the website is in a bit of a downturn.


    Let’s look at Movellas’ statistics and demographics. Clearly, the website is aimed at 13-18 year olds, with the playful logo, the bright colours, and big emphasis on imagery, while also doing its best to be gender neutral with the blues and greens. However, despite this, I do know that a lot of older users do frequent the site, so this demographic could probably be expanded to 24. However, for the purpose of clarity, I’ll focus on the intended market for now, and go in depth later on.

    Keeping this demographic in mind, what would work best, marketing wise, for the promotion of this website? The majority of Twitter and Facebook users are older than Movellas’ target demographic, with 1% of Twitter users being under the age of 17, while 5.7% of Facebook’s users are under the age of 17. Twitter wouldn’t really be worth using at all, which is fine, Movellas doesn’t seem too bothered with that, as all of the content over there is the same as the content on Facebook. Facebook is a little trickier, as grabbing the audience Movellas wants would require more frequent posting, and more effort, perhaps targeted ads.

    Instagram holds a little more luck, with 6.4% of users being between the ages of 13 and 17. Once again, though, this would require a lot more effort, such as using targeted hashtags, posting approximately three times per day at opportune times (such as after school), and generally having engaging content. Movellas isn’t utilising this resource at all, which is fair because despite it not looking like it, Instagram is a lot of work. All of these social media platforms are.

    Statistics for Youtube are a little more difficult to come by, especially for BookTube. However, a lovely author of the blog “Books and Other Nerdy Things” had conducted a BookTube census for 2014, where the majority of her audience were between the ages of 14-17. She didn’t get too many responses, so of course this data isn’t the most reliable, trustworthy, and nor is it up-to-date, but it was the best I could do in the five minutes I was willing to research this topic. Not to mention, Movellas was an incredibly active place when this census was conducted, and it may be that a lot of users are aging out of interest.

    However, this does show us that there is a possibility for Movellas to pick up in users, maybe they’ll spend longer on the website, or even spread the word to their friends.

    So what happens if Movellas markets to a larger demographic, between the ages of 13 and 24?

    Honestly, nothing really changes with the platforms that are the most ideal. Instagram becomes a much more viable source of users, but other than that, not much. It’s really the advertising content that would change, not where it goes. All that happens is that Movellas would have a different audience to contend with.

    So, should Movellas do this?

    It’s hard to tell. On the one hand, as someone in the expanded demographic, I can see how this website can appeal to an older generation, but on the other hand, this website is very clearly aimed at young teens. Wattpad and FanFiction/FictionPress have escaped this. It’d take a lot more to pull in a 20 year old to Movellas than a 14 year old, and I say that as someone who joined the website at 14.
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    I totally agree with this, I joined when I was 13 and I'm nearly 20 now. Social media is a tricky one, one specific on content, posting times and consistency. It has been picking up as of late which is good :)
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    I joined at 13 and I’m 15 now. I agree with the essay- and I’ve also known some former writers on movellas who branched to Wattpad instead as they felt it was more suitable for their age. I would love it if movellas expanded their audience
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    @[Shaun JH Nightshade] It definitely makes me wish I did more during my internship, especially since we never knew Movellas would become this stagnant, but I do think it will grow again. Once head office is straightened out, and they don't have so much to worry about, they'd be able to focus more on the website and getting its traffic up. It's selfish, but I wish I knew what was going on, to get a better picture of what needs to be done. I definitely should move on, but like you said, it's hard. It's hard for me to acknowledge that I don't work here anymore and shouldn't be this upset, but Movellas was integral to my growing up.

    Oh well. Hopefully things will pick up. I don't know if this sort of piece will be helpful to any staff, but I felt better writing it, knowing that there's hope