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  • DeeundDrang

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    7 months agoReply
    Hello Movellians! I've been at it since this morning, but now the user blog section looks cleaner with the spammers gone. Not all of them. I got as far back as February this year. So if any of you want to head there and post, go ahead. I'll do my best to keep it clean!
    P.S. Keep up flagging spam content! Your help is appreciated! :)
    6 months ago
    @[DeeundDrang] ThankYou! Will you be keeping the site spam free? (:
    6 months ago
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    @[3 SECOND LUKE] I'll try to as much as possible with the free time I have from uni XD As far as I've seen the most spam is in the user blogs, and then the story sections.