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    Greetings Movellians,

    I’m writing this Mumble today to discuss my recent thoughts on Movellas. It’s no secret that Movellas has been dealing with some problems such as: Bots, Ads, Scammers, Catfishing, Phishing… Yeah, it’s that bad. But it doesn’t change the fact that Movellas is still a great place to be; if you can ignore the problems that are surfacing more and more every day. I’m staying with Movellas, many of my friends are still here and I want to stay friends with them. They enjoy the site (possibly more than myself) - That’s not to say that I dislike this site at all. I appreciate the journey that Movellas has been on ever since it first launched.

    It’s a real shame to see all the changes that were made: Community Managers staying a few years, and then they left to move onto greater things. Some of those Community Managers were amazing people, and we can’t all agree that they were kind. But we can agree that they did put effort into the site’s existence. Alison is no different, she is also a hard working Community Manager. Although, the changes and updates are very minor, and we are not seeing what many of us may have wanted for a very long time. However, Alison is busy with her life and is balancing Movellas too with the help of others. The Movellas team are still active and are still working to make it an active community… I just don’t know the future for this site anymore. I want to believe that there will be some greater changes coming in the next few months. But 2018 didn’t bring much to Movellas. There was just silence towards the end of 2018, and 2019 is just slower. Competitions and Blog Posts may still exist and are surfacing on the site frequently.

    It doesn’t matter what happens. I believe there is still LIFE in this community. There are still many users who want to see Movellas grow and reach more of an audience. It’s just a real shame that we are stuck going nowhere. There is nothing to look forward to with Movellas, except bots. I don’t know what’s going to happen to Movellas, but I do know that I’m going to stay with many others who still appreciate this community like myself. Good luck to those who have left, and even more good luck to those who stayed. That’s all I have to say on this topic, but I thought sharing my thoughts (recent thoughts) would be worth typing up. Anyway, thanks for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful day!

    The Intelligence Division
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    The community is still community-ing pretty well. The Great Movellas Gift Society is testimony to that. We'll all hang around for that, and I for one would definitely participate in more such community-run initiatives were they started, etc. As this is the case, the leadership can catch up when the leadership is able to in my view. Movellas is a self-sustaining community. While the leadership makes it better, we're still doing our stuff, y'know.
    Also she spells her name as Adison.
    6 months ago
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