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    I want to thank all my follows- I can't believe we're nearly at a 1000! Never in a million years did I think this would happen. I'm so grateful for all of you beautiful souls and I'm glad that you enjoy my stories.
    As you probably have realised, I have deleted a lot of my movellas and have only left my most popular ones. If you want one republished with new, more frequent updates or just more updates on my current one, please let me know as I don't update otherwise.

    The real reason why I've taken my time to write this mumble, is that I'm having a really low dip at the minute. My school work is drowning me and my confidence has completely vanished.
    I've decided I'm going to write a new movella about self discovery and acceptance- I might involve a fury best friend in it as well! The movella will be about a female character going travelling for a year and while she's off having incredible adventures, she will learn to believe in herself more and will make life long friends. However, I don't actually know if I'll end up publishing it.
    So, if you want an update on a current movella of mine, an old movella republished with more updates or have a story idea you want me to turn into a book, please message me or somehow let me know!
    A special thanks to The Snow Owl for helping me so much. Although I've never met you, I consider you one of my closest friends.
    Please comment, like and favourite!
    AnnonymousStorm XOXO