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  • mrsHemmings01

    mumbled "SURPRISE"

    I've been thinking. And thinking hard. And I have a special surprise for everyone who's been here since the beginning. I am bringing back My Step Brother!! However it won't be the same, it'll be much more matured and an updated version but it's coming back!! Same characters, same reasons and events just a newer version. Comment your thoughts, opinions, likes and dislikes about this!!!!
    Ambrose's Girl
    2 years ago
    it's good to have you back, do you have any ideas for my adopted story? i've gone blank
    2 years ago
    So maybe what you can do, if you want, have Harry kinda explain to her about what happened to her, kinda have her maybe not remember fully. Um, you could also maybe say who saved her, you know? Did Louis save her or was he in shock? Did Harry save her or was he trying to find the person who shot her? You see what I mean??