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  • Megites Nightshade

    mumbled "Feedback?"

    Does anyone want to get outside feedback on their work? I'm doing a critiquing workshop and I need some more writing for people to look at. About an A4 page, on anything, any genre, any style. Then I'll upload the comments on here. Anyone?
    Jem Wakefield
    2 years ago
    Is swearing and violence okay or not? If so, I'd love feedback on any bit of my book "Bloodsuckers"- perhaps the epilogue? Don't worry if not :)
    Alviss Brown
    2 years ago
    Same as BadassJem, if some more explicit content is alright feedback on 'The Poison Garden' would be awesome! (It's not finished, though... no where near... So...)
    2 years ago
    if you're open to critiquing poems I would absolutely love feedback on "The Red Scarf" :)