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    Hello everyone! We still need more voters for Presidential candidates for 2016! Here are the list of candidates and thank you to those who have voted! Votes will be tallied at the end of the week and we also have a new candidate for this years presidential candidates! Apologies to those who are actually voting for Trump or Clinton, this is meant to be fun for everyone to do, NOT as a stab at anyone. Anyway, here are your candidates!
    1.) Kermit The Frog (Republican)
    2.) Mickey Mouse (Republican)
    3.) Charlie Brown (Republican)
    4.) Snoopy (Republican)
    5.) Woodstock (Republican)
    6.) Mel Blanc (Different President everyday; Sylvester, Tweety, Daffy Duck, etc.) (Republican)
    7.) Elmo (Republican)
    8.) Big Bird (Republican)
    9.) Tim Burton (More importantly Jack Skellington) (Republican)
    10.) Johnny Bravo (Republican)
    11.) Pikachu (Republican)
    12.) (because my username) Jigglypuff (Republican)
    13.) Eeyore (Republican)
    14.) Winnie The Pooh (Republican)
    15.) Stewie (Family Guy) (Republican)
    16.) Scooby Doo (Democrat)
    17.) Dexter (Dexter's Labratory) (democrat)
    18.) Sonic The Hedgehog (democrat)
    19.) Jerry Mouse (Tom & Jerry) (Democrat)
    20.) Pink Panther (democrat)
    21.) Popeye The Sailor Man (democrat)
    22.) Perry The Platypus (democrat)
    23.) Statler (The Muppets) (democrat)
    24.) Waldorf (The Muppets) (democrat)
    25.) Fred Flinstone (democrat)
    26.) Dr. Honeydew (The Muppets) (democrat)
    27.) Beaker (The Muppets) (democrat)
    28.) Animal (The Muppets) (democrat)
    29.) Alphanso (The Muppets) (democrat)
    30.) George Jetson (democrat)
    31.) Vincent Kennedy McMahon (Chairman of World Wrestling Entertainment) (republican)
    and last but certainly not least... the best in the world... the legit boss... the mess with the best you go down with the rest kinda girl, the future face of the WWE... The Awesome one... The future WWE SmackDown Live Women's Champion... The Beautiful one... slightly narcissistic, arrogant one... Aphrodite incarnate... so beautiful you lay your eyes upon her and pass out... this whole paragraph boosts her ego levels to over nine thousand... Okay, I need to stop... #32... KAYLA CLAUSEN (JigglypuffRevolution)!!! That's right folks! Your favorite author is now a candidate in this race and representing the democrats!
    Don't forget to vote ;)
    ~JigglypuffRevolution <3
    I am narrowing down this list due to classmate input. Here are your new nominees.
    1.) Mickey Mouse
    2.) Woodstock
    3.) Johnny Bravo
    4.) Jigglypuff
    5.) Eeyore
    6.) Stewie
    1.) Dexter
    2.) Popeye The Sailor Man
    3.) Me
    4.) Perry the Platypus
    5.) Beaker
    6.) George Jetson
    Cast your votes! Polls are closing soon!
    And remember one republican one democrat
    Thus far we have votes for:
    Mickey Mouse
    Johnny Bravo
    I think I may narrow it down to these 6 individuals, remember person with the most votes (REP) is President and person with most votes (DEM) is the VP