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  • tumblxr princess

    mumbled "OMFG AM I BACK?"

    Oh my lord! I can't believe I'm actually back on this account like this brings back so many memories!! I used to love writing on this website but then I hated it bc back then there were so many hypocrites and rude people who don't understand why people do things. For anyone who wanted to know, I mainly wrote about teen pregnancy because that's mainly all I know. I have friends who have had a child and are young and everyone except my parents have had a child while young. Hell, my cousin had her first born when she was 13. Back when I wrote '14 and pregnant' I was thinking about so many different things. I was thinking about a friend who had recently had a baby and about my family members but I don't think that I should've gotten all the sh*t I did for a book that was mine. I also wrote a book about a boy named Craig and one direction and literally that book was a joke bc I wrote it for my best friend and told him I'd put a sex scene in it just to joke around but everything was thrown far out of proportion and like it got to the point where I cried whenever I got onto this website so I decded to quiet movellas and return to Wattpad. I'm not back I just thought explaining that would be nice haha