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    Hey everyone, it's me again, well obviously it is, you're on my page! It's so odd because it's now nearly two years since I started writing Wizarding Week, and it's still not finished! However it is definitely one of my best pieces of work and I am so proud of it. The response I have had for it is overwhelming and I'm so grateful. I've lost a lot of friends over the past year but I always knew I could come on here, and see your amazing comments which never failed to cheer me up. I love writing and I always will, I just don't have loads of time for it these days. You are obviously used to me not posting that regularly, at some point, I will get regular. A Levels take up your whole life I swear! To think about how much my life has changed these past two years scares me, next year, I'll be going to university, that's even scarier! Anyway, much love to you guys. <3
    5 years ago
    Please do a sequel of what happens in the rest of Louise's Hogwarts years!!!! I'm begging!
    5 years ago
    I agree with 'bookaholic4life' you're an amazing writer and I regularly check to see if you've updated another chapter and I've reread this book multiple times because it's still my favourite book on movellas, just don't give up and about your friends that you've lost, you'll make new ones when you go to university, it's a fresh start, make the most of it and don't let them get you down, good luck with your a levels xx